Dress me up Frosty!

First off, sorry the pics are upside down and sideways...I have no idea why the computer it putting them in funny!!! To adjust for this, simply tilt your head to the right....and then to the left when looking at the pics!
I've been on an extreme wool binge as of late! I've worn holes in the ends of my fingers from hand work. Guess that means it's back to quilting for a while! Or, I could use a thimble...hmmm...the possibilities
I finished "Dress me up Frosty" by Nutmeg Hare
(The beautiful gray background is the floor at the shop...I forgot to take pics at home!!)

Also, don't forget to sign your work when it's all done! Mom and I just realized a couple weeks ago that we sign our stuff the same way...
KJZ....I guess it's all in the style though. Mine is a little more artistic :)
I believe kits and patterns will be available at the shop.
Happy Monday Morning....Bring on the coffee!

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