Whoa! look at that! Wednesday.

Okay, I have a tutorial to share with you. Bonnie has introduced that shop to the jelly roll in a tube. I had to make one just because it's such a cool concept. I used a little honey bun (1 1/2" strips) for mine and it made a cute baby quilt.

I'm not sure if this is the exact video clip that Bonnie found, but it's the same concept.

Here ya go...prepare to be amazed!

They used a spiffy special ruler in the video....I was able to make due with one of my regular omni-grid squares using the 45 deg line. However, this is a really nice tool...I just didn't have one at home when I decided to quick sew one up.
Here's mine: I used a honey bun (1 1/2" strips) and then sashed between each block to make it a little bigger. (sorry, it's not bound yet...yikes!)

Here's the two currently in the shop: They are made using a jelly roll (2 1/2" strips) and additional background. As you can see, it turns out to be a pretty big quilt!

Also, the blocks are fun to fiddle around with and make up your own setting design! I really like the one hanging in the video clip...hmm....

Have you made one of these yet?
Hope you enjoyed!

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