BLUE Giveaway

This weeks give away is......

~*~ A Neeewwww car!~*~

Just kidding....but ya gotta love the Price is Right :)

But for real, you could win this:

(Imagine the voice of Bob Barker)


They're wonderful...which may be an extreme understatement!

They fit all sized of bobbins....they're made out of the same stuff mouth guards are made from

(Brings back memories of my rugby days just thinking about it!)
Here's mine in action...I have this thing about having too many bobbins wound at a time as you can see :) I've had it for quite a while and would be COMPLETELY lost without it....as would my bobbins...but then again, I only use like what, 5 at any time !
All you need to do is answer the following question in a comment to this post:
What cheers you up when you're feeling BLUE?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with string...that's what cheers me up! And of course, girls in white dresses with BLUE satin sashes. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes and silver white winters that melt in to spring, also tends to take those BLUES away!

Happy BLUE commenting!

Color Lesson No. 2: BLUE

Now this is one BLUE post....don't let it get you down!!

I believe Patsy Cline said this weeks color best: "Blue..ooooo.ooooo.oooh"

We all learned about the 3 primary colors in at a young age (RED, BLUE and YELLOW), and we somewhere along the line I'm guessing you probably were educated that the color wheel is built around those three primary colors. Last week we found out about RED and even got to read about how some of our fellow quilters like to use the color around their home. This week, we're moving around the wheel to BLUE.

BLUE is as very calming color found often in nature. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Most people like some shade of the color BLUE. The calming, coolness of BLUE can calm people down and even make time pass more quickly. It is also said that blue is a good color to use in bedrooms. A not of caution, too much BLUE can make you feel BLUE :)

BLUE is also used to convey confidence and power. Thus, the police officer uniforms, and quite often it's used a corporate color.

Different shades of the color BLUE can be used to convey different things. Royal BLUE add a touch of confidence or even superiority. Navy BLUE is really dark and is thus seen as warmer than light blues. A combo of light and dark BLUE suggests trust and truthfulness. If light BLUE is mixed with other pastel colors (pink, green and yellow) it suggests the lightness of springtime while deep, dark blue eludes to a cooler time of year.

I will never forget the following BLUE things:

~ Elvis and his "BLUE Suede Shoes"

~ The introduction of the BLUE M&M

~ The BLUE of the American Flag

~ The wild BLUE yonder

~ My BLUE 1991 Buick Le Sabre

~Deep BLUE Somethings song "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

~ Baby BLUE eyes

~Winning a BLUE ribbon at the fair

~ The BLUES - the music
~ Jake and Elwood BLUES: The Blues Brothers

~ BLUEberries for Sal....my FAVORITE book when I was little

~ the great BLUE heron....they fly funny!

~ and my great-grandpa Ole's favorite color "Sky-BLUE-pink"

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Okie Dokie....
I had a lot of fun reading why (and in some cases why not) people like the color red. It was also fun discovering how different people use this color throughout their home and daily life (or in some cases, don't).

Everyone who commented got their name on a strip of paper....trust me, they're all there...some are just hiding underneath!
Then I threw them in an old bowl I got at an antique store REALLY cheap and tossed them around a little to make sure they were scrambled good.
Then I put a piece of double stick tape on my cats paw and stuck it in the bowl so I could say that I had someone else do the drawing.....just kidding, I picked the name but I PROMISE I didn't peek!

And...drum roll please....our winner is:
Cathy said:

"I love the color 'red', right now I would say my favorite thing is the purse I carry , the apple I'm about to eat and the beaded roses we made for my daughters graduation! The fabric collection would be a wonderful treat to win!"
Congratulations, Cathy!!! The beautiful, red, civil war fats will be waiting for you at the Calico Hutch! They'll be eagerly waiting for you behind the counter next time you stop by for a visit!

For the rest of you, thank you for participating!!! Stop by often as there will be another give away in the near future as BLUE week is amongst us!

PS....I didn't get much stitchin' done this weekend as I was being the very best auntie I could be. I had the honor of babysitting 2 of my 3 nephews...they're 18 months old, twins, pretty dang cute, and they had a fascination with my tenny-runners...They also were delivered to me wearing spiffy "My Aunt Rocks!" t-shirts...here they are:
See ya later alligator!



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Happy Hopping!


Win Me! 10 RED Civil War Fats

Because the color of the week is RED, Carolyn at the Calico Hutch has something RED for a lucky blog friend!

OK...so all ya need to do is read the post about the color RED between now and 10 pm CST Sunday 9/26 and Leave a comment on this post telling what your favorite RED thing is in your home. If you leave me a comment, your name will go in the drawing and you could be a winner in a big RED way! Trust me, you must enter.....who wouldn't want these???

Color Lesson No. 1: RED

My goal is to share a little about color with you every Wednesday (or Thursday) for the next couple months. I took some classes on color in college and then again at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo earlier in the month and would like to pass a little on to you.
Let me introduce to you: RED

RED is hot, it's strong and is associated with passion and cupid, warfare, violence and the devil. It is the hottest of the warm colors (red, orange, yellow and all they make up). The color RED can also have an actual physical effect on people and studies show that it can raise blood pressure and increase the rate of respiration (breathing).

In our culture, RED is considered the color of POWER.....wearing a red power tie, the red carpet, Santa Claus' attire, Little Red Riding Hood, red sports cars (or muscle cars....the Chevelle is my dream car), ruby slippers (we're not in Kansas and more!). We also use RED to communicate urgency....flashing red lights on emergency vehicles, stop signs, fire trucks....brake lights.

Artistically, RED is used to draw attention and keeps things from sinking into their surroundings. Keep in mind, a little RED goes a long ways and small doses are often more effective than too much as RED is a very strong color. If you combine shades of PINK and ORANGE with RED, you'll end up with a very attractive, cheerful vibrant palette. Thrown in with BLACK and WHITES, RED becomes very stunning and bodacious.

Here are some quilts currently kitted up at the quilt shop that used RED as an accent:
Here are some of my favorite RED things....and no, it's by no means my favorite color...
I've love my red colander I use all the time....both for draining things and as a decorative bowl
. I also really enjoy my new RED, leather sofa...it just happens to be Fig Tree RED and looks superb in my home. You also can never go wrong with RED Fiesta ware.....like that vase on my fireplace mantel and the pitcher I've paired with the little lamp on the half wall between my kitchen and dining area. I also drive a red Ford Escape and a RED Yamaha Vino scooter in the RED hot summer months....hmmm....why isn't RED my favorite color? I use it enough...
As far as RED goes...I've hoped you enjoyed installment No. 1 of this little series of educational snippets! Be sure to read my next post....I hear you can win a bundle of 10 RED civil war fats!


Just call me "Project Queen"...mom does!

It's been a few days and I suppose you are wondering what in the world I have been doing to fill the time between work and sleep. Besides riding horse and drinking coffee, this is why a layer of dust is beginning to form on my furniture and the laundry basket is rapidly reaching maximum capacity.

When I was a younger version of myself that didn't have bags under my eyes, my mom (quilting buddy/best friend) referred to me on a regular basis as her "Little Project Queen". I was never happy till I had a minimum of 3 crafty projects going at any time. This also means that there was a MINIMUM of 3 messes scattered in various locations around our home. To this day, I live up to these expectations as you can see by the picture I took a few minutes ago of my project board. Now, I'll take you on an up close and personal tour of my current projects....watch out!

This pile of civil war squares is about to (within the next week) become flying geese....220 of them total....this quilt is going to be beautiful (in my opinion) and will be kitted and available at the Calico Hutch. I hope to get this beaut done in the next week (or so), so it can get quilted and hung at the store. A little bit of trivia about my quilting history; this is the first Civil War quilt I have ever made....Civil War has moved up and became a favorite genre of mine, following Fig Tree of course for those of you who know me!

These are what the above will become if they eat their Wheaties....there are 4 of every goose pictured, I am farther along than it looks. By the way, I thoroughly enjoy making flying geese, don't know why, just do!

Wool is good for the soul....this mama robin and her babies are out of the Primitive Gatherings book "Summer Gathering". It is set on batik and will have a cute little quote embroidered above the nest. These little guys will also be kitted and available at the Calico Hutch. Also, everything in the book is nice. I plan to make most EVERYTHING in it...there are several other projects from "Summer Gathering" being made up that will be on display at the shop with kits.

And of course, the October Schnibbies project....McGuffy made from Fig Trees "Fresh Cottons". I really need a new camera....the colors are not as bright as they appear, their more subdued and fresh looking....I love it....it will be great on my table. It still needs a inner boarder and of course the standard Schnibble piano key border.
And lastly, a MAJOR thorn in my side, my 2010 Moda University blocks....I'm currently like 5 months behind. Last night I dug out what I thought were all of the patterns, picked out fabric, and cut them all out. I got finished with one month and the conversation with myself went like this:
Voice in my head: Gee Kate, maybe you should lay out the blocks you already have do just to be sure you don't over use one color.

ME: OK self, that's a great idea.

Voice in my head: I knew that was a great idea, that's why I brought it up.

ME: What would I do with out you?

Voice in my head: Make the same block twice

ME: Wait voice in my head, I did make the same block twice.

Voice in my head: Dude, Really? I thought you were smarter than that.

ME: Don't rub it in voice in my head, it's late and I'm tired and seriously coffee deprived.

Voice in my head: Nice piecing!

ME: Nice try, but that hole your digging is getting deeper.

Voice in my head: Over and out good buddy!

You get the picture...check out the 2 top left blocks and the 2 bottom left block. I'm frustrated!!!!!

On that note...How many projects are you working on at the moment (of course not counting the ones packed away:) )
Hope you're having good week!


*THE* Cranberry Bars

OK, So...You're all wondering about the cranberry bars.
Carolyn makes these all the time for different things at the quilt shop.
Enjoy....they are yummy!
The Oreo cake is to die for also!


Cheese, impartiallity, laundry and a bus

First of all....sorry there are no pictures in this post :(
I'll be better next time

wow....I've spent the last 4 days in the land of cheese
That's right....Wisconsin
In case you're wondering, they're still not over the whole Brett Favre thing.

Mom and I went to the Quilt Expo in Madison and took classes.
I learned some pretty neat little things to share with you-
Especially about color and it's use in quilts and working with wool!

In case you're wondering, wool was the big thing at the expo.
Every booth had wool projects-
If you haven't tried wool before and are thinking you would like to, check out our newsletter, there is a beginning class being offered toward the end of the month (I think).
Wool is easy, forgiving, and timeless...Once you start, you can't stop!
It's wonderful.

Also....along with the Expo and classes comes the vendor mall...
Let me just say (with out being biased)
we are very fortunate to have the Calico Hutch
I now realize just how spoiled I am :)

On that note, I got's me some washin to do!
And I work at the shop tomorrow for the bus trip.
So if you're looking for something to do, stop on by and say hi.
There's always something new and exciting to see at the Calico Hutch!


It's Finally Done!

Look what I finished last night!

It made it's way to Bonnie at the shop for quilting this morning! It will have a cream minkee back...mmmm...so soft.....There are kits available at the shop

Also, In case you were wondering,

The Happy Birthday banner turned out great!

I hung it over the front steps at my mom's
Maybe I'll do a free tutorial for ya....
Here it is in all it's glory
(I just used my quilt rod to hang it from for the pic...ignore the quilt)

And a close up

It feels like fall outside today....I LOVE it :)
Makes me hungry for squash and apple crisp...and apple pie....and chili...
And I suddenly have the urge to go buy some beautiful pumpkins!
Enjoy the crisp air!


"Long way to go, and a short time to get there"

Happy Labor Day Saturday!

I hope you all are enjoying the long weekend!
I have LOTS goin on around here....
I feel like whirling dervish!

2 Birthday Parties this weekend....
I love Birthday Parties~
and I love "going the extra mile"
to ensure that they are memorable...
Just something I like to do :)
Here's my weekend "to do" list...

I like using my blackboard for this...

don't know why, I just do!

As you can see, I'm doing quiet well for today...

lots of things crossed off :)

All the presents are wrapped
The centerpiece is made :)

I also have all my food prep done.....

Now all I have left under the Sat. column to do is:
Make the Birthday Banner

and FINISH the quilt I started....

I arranged for Bonnie (long armer at the quilt shop)

to quilt it this week!

I'm on pot number 2 of full strength coffee

and feelin pretty good about getting everything done!

Ta ta for now~

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