Another Wonder of the World

Last night I went to help get everything set up for the retreat this weekend at the Holiday Inn in Austin. 110 quilters in 1 room...it's a sight to see. Here's the process:

Haul a truck, van, suburban and 2 cars full of merchandise in to the conference center. Just a portion is shown in the picture.

Then the store gets set up and ready so all the happy quilters can get some retail therapy.
All the tables get positioned so there is PLENTY of space for every retreater. A full table to be exact!It got late and since my brain had to function today, I had to leave. Don't worry, I plan to go back Sat. evening and will take some pics of the retreat in action...it truly joins the pyramids, Stonehenge, the catacombs and the great wall of China as another wonder of the world...the wonders of the world people just don't know about it yet...don't worry, I'm working on that.
Would that make me "Wonder Woman"??

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