Stitching away!!

So....do you ever wonder why you have so much extra fabric left over after cutting??
Then you sew all your blocks together and realize that you have half as many as you need??
Then your brain starts to work and you realize your kit is for a HUGE quilt??

Well...that's what I did on my Sticher's Club project!
So, I've been stitching away to make more blocks that I've already made!!!

I'm soon to have 32 of theses..

and I now have 31 of these!

what a time sucker doing them twice!!!!
At least I'm enjoy the fabrics and the process...right!?

Hopefully I'll have a beautiful queen size quilt to share soon :)

Wish me luck!!


Strip Texas Two Step: Done!

It's all done...and I like it!!
Can't wait to take it to the shop on Monday for quilting!!


Fellow quilters...

Sometimes you see something a quilting buddy is working on and you get inspired!

That I did...
My friend Paula from Groovy Girls was at the Terry Atkinson test class
and chose to use the bright wovens on a navy linen look background.
It had a more modern feel to it....AND...It was stunning!!!!

So, for Groovy Girls next week I need to use the
Texas Two Step pattern by Terry Atkinson
and at the shop they have a whole line of bright stripes!

How could I not try the color combo for myself??

This is what I left the shop with:

And of course I just HAD to get it cut out last night!!!!
Then I looked at the clock and thought "Hey...I can sew on it a little! It's only 9:30!"
Then before too long I had all the rows put together ...

and some of the rows sewn to other rows
then I was exhausted and had to go to bed!

Good thing I called it a night when I did because as you can see,
 the third row from the right needs to be flipped over!
I don't think I would have caught that!!!

The colors are growing on me....
not my usual though!!


Farmer's Wife: Month 9 (Blocks 74-82)

 Here we go again!!
Another month of Farmer's Wife blocks!

Pleased to announce that we're nearing the end....
the block assignment for this month is 74-82

FYI: All the blocks worked out PERFECTLY...
even the "tricky" ones turned out EXACTLY the size they need to be :)

As you work your way through the blocks this month, remember...
It's not hard, it's just DIFFERENT!!!

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to :)

Have fun!
I have confidence in all of you :)



I stinking love covered buttons...

I've never covered a button before because it seams like they're one of those things you hear seasoned sewers grumble about.

This months Groovy Girls project uses covered buttons.... I was scared!!!

Wow!!! How incredibly easy they are! I'm now putting them on EVERYTHING I can possibly think of!!
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