MN Projects: Take 1

This has made it's way to my cutting tabe.
A whole stack of MN yumminess.

And just because I'm feeling a little on the generous side,
I may or may not be using blocks like this in my creation.

Hopefully I can get lots more accomplished this weekend!


There's a hole in my finger!

Seriously, there is a hole in my finger...It's quite small like the eye of a needle and on the top of my right hand middle finger. It's there and it's from binding and wool projects and not wearing a thimble when I should have. I have a love hate relationship with this hole...you see, he and I have been through a lot together...a lot of thread that is :)  I often take a break from hand sewing to give the skin a chance to grow back together. Then I start going through withdrawls and head back to hand stitching thinking that it's all better and the callous will protect me. WRONG! Time after time I'm wrong and within the first couple stitches, the eye of the needed finds the hole and jabs me....right....in...the....needle hole. I can say that I graduated from college with honors, yet I'm still not smart enough to learn just to wear the stinkin thimble.

Here's what I have to do this weekend: Bind, bind, bind.

Top to bottom: Schnibble, schnibble, twin, baby, couch throw, queen

I'm thinkin a movie marathon to go with my bidnding phenomenon!

Hang in there finger hole....my life would not be the same without you!


Big Plans Ahead!

I spent hours and hours cleaning, organizing and rearranging my sewing zone this past weekend....I actually usually really enjoy this process. For me, any cleaning is fun as long as I get to rearrange the furniture! If they put odometers on furniture, mine would have more miles than a used car. I think part of my fascination for moving things around comes from how you feel when you're done...like you have a whole new room...all ready to mess up :)
So....enough with that...I'm sure y'all really don't care about the fact that I have a serious obsession with moving my furniture. Now that I have a beautifully clean creative area, I plan to cut in to some of the 2011 Minnesota fabric and mess up this place of beauty as fast as I can. Maybe I should take a picture first to have proof of how clean it was...

I have big plans for some hopefully awesome projects. I've discovered that no matter how cool it may look on paper or in my brain, sometimes it bombs when fabric gets involved!

I'll keep you posted as things progress!


~Strawberry Fields~

I'm super duper excited...new Fig Tree fabric has arrived!
Let me introduce you to:

Strawberry Fields

Charm packs and bolted fabric now available.

I'm pretty sure I need some! Isn't it fresh and springy and playful and whimsical and.....you get the picture.

Well, off to daydream about what to make with these beauties!


Darlene Zimmerman Class: Part 2

I'm back with more Pictures from the Darlene Zimmerman class last weekend. As always, she brought a WONDERFUL trunk show with her to share with her class. And as always, everything was STUNNING! So, for those of you who were not able to be there and also for those of you who were and like me can never see enough quilt pictures, here are some snaps of what we saw:

This is her Oopsie Daisie  pattern what was inspired by.....

This vintage top she purchased.

My personal favorite...Trip around the world, 1" finished squares!

Forgot what this one was called. She explained how this one was constructed using primarily scraps!
 There were several other quilts too...it just took a while for the light bulb in my head to pop on and remind me that I have friends over in blogland that would love to see some of this stuff.

Hope you've enjoyed!


Darlene Zimmerman Class: Part 1

Happy Monday Friends!
The past weekend, Darlene Zimmerman-Feed sack Lady, graced the Calico Hutch with her presence. In the class we worked on her "Postage Stamp Posies". Here are some snaps:

The quilt hanging as the background is the project we were diligently stitching away on.
Cut....cut...cut...and then press and cut some more!
Getting ready to make one of the many strip sets.....
Working on her alternate blocks....I think....
Shhh....I'm concentrating!!!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of the class!
Coming in future posts: Darlene's Trunk Show and a reveal of my Postage Stamp Posies out of Civil War prints.

I will never look at a postage stamp the same again!
Enjoy your day!


Recipe: Carolyn's Granola is FAMOUS!

If you have ever gleaned the recipes on the website, you may have noticed Carolyn's Granola recipe.
If you live in Southern Minnesota, and get the Southern Minnesota Magazine in the mail, you may have noticed that the Calico Hutch made it big! If you've ever wanted to make your own granola, you may now have a chance.

Here is the famous recipe

Carolyn Matson
(Owner of the Calico Hutch)

6-8 c rolled oats
2 c walnuts, slightly chopped
2 c whole almonds, slightly chopped
1 1/2 c coconut
2/3 c canola oil
1 c maple syrup

Stir together rolled oats, nuts and coconut. Whisk together oil and syrup. Pour oil/syrup mixture over the oat mixture. Stir together. Spread in thin layers on baking sheets. Bake approx. 40 min at 300-325 deg. Stir occasionally. Bake until toasted and golden brown. Store in air tight container. Keeps nicely in freezer too.

Sounds delicious!


Weekend Update

Okay, so I soon realized that I may have made WAY to may goals and my plans changed quite a bit from my last post. I did get a TON of things done, but there was much more laughing and story telling than I allowed for. Here's how the weekend went and looking back, I should have photographed things before I folded them up for transport so please excuse the wrinkles!

Arrived 3 pm
Departed 9:30 pm
Total 6 1/2 hrs sewing time

~My Favorite bag ~
Made completely from scraps...yes, that is corduroy

~June Bug~
 Forgot thread for applique.
Decided to finish at home where I can arrange the blocks on my design wall.
Wasted 45 min dragging it out, making a plan, and packing it all up again.

~Gumdrop Pillows~
Patterns sold out! Serious bummer
Wasted a chunk of time scouring the store for the pattern.

Started 3 blocks...half done
Used my destitcher (seam ripper) quite a bit...shhhh!

Arrived 10 am
Departed 10 pm
Total 12 hrs sewing time
Finished 3 blocks
These 3 blocks (1/3 of the quilt) took WAY more time
than I ever would have imaged. However, the
outcome is stunning (or so I think!) The blocks finish to 26"

~Civil War Tribute: Month 2~
Took all afternoon / evening
The red/blue center is month 1

Arrived: 9 am
Departed: 5 pm
Total 8 hrs sewing time

~Do the Twist~
Not on my original list.
This was a quilt Jaris Smith had all cut out. All I had to do was piece.
The kit was from the store a few years back. Still very stunning in Civil War prints.

~Old Block of the Month~
Finished 4 blocks!
Only 3 left to go!!!!

~MN Fabric Planning~
I have some ideas on paper now!

As you can see I was productive...even though my list didn't get hit very hard.
I'm still pleased about all the projects I got done and the memories that were made....after all, isn't that why we quilt with friends in the first place ?!
All in all, It was a good time had by all...except maybe Violet because she had to sit by me ;)
We love retreating at the Calico Hutch!
~K and the "Border Babes"


This weekend is going to be WONDERFUL!!!

So, I'm gettin' all excited for a whole weekend of nothin' but stitchin'!

Okay, okay, okay...maybe some gabbin' and gigglin' too....just maybe.
Oh yeah and there will be some nibblin' and eatin'.
And we'll review our latest readin' and do some book swappin'...
and there will most likely be some serious time spent talkin' about TV show drama..You know, NCIS, NCIS: LA, a little Grey's and some Bones and some Castle....I like Psych.

If we get all the above under control in a timely manner, I have all of this planned:

(In order of importance to me!...kind of)

No. 1 ~ My Favorite Bag
Make 1 handle and finish assembly
Estimated 1 1/2 hrs to complete

No. 2 ~ Another "June Bug" quilt
Blocks all done, borders done
Estimated 3 hrs to complete

No. 3 ~ Quilt Schnibble ~ "Little Red"
Pink & brown Civil War prints
Estimated 1 hr to complete
(2 1/2 hrs if I bind too!)

(In no particular order...I want em' all REALLY bad!!!!)
No. 1 ~ Brocante Schnibble
Cut & piece
Estimated 6 - 8 hrs....estimated

No. 2 ~ Swoon
LOVE this one.... i love it,  I Love It,  I LOVE IT!!!
(yay SNL skits...)
Already cut out and ready to stitch
Estimated 8 hours....or more....or less

No. 3 ~ Gum Drop Pillows
Cut, piece, stuff, put feet up...
Super excited for the ottoman one!!!
Estimated 3 hrs (for 2)...
Strongly leaning toward 4 hrs.

No. 4 ~ Month 2 Civil War Tribute Blocks
Already have a TON of hst made so I just have to piece to 4 blocks
Estimated 3 hours
(there's a ton of pieces....tiny-ish pieces)

Totalled that ONLY equals like 26 hours...
I WILL not get it all done :)

I'll keep you posted on my progress throughout the weekend!
Wish me luck-


Pssst..... Kansas Trouble Lovers.....Over here!

Look what came in the other day:

Warm Memories

I cruised the Kansas Troubles isle at the shop the other day and there are some VERY pretty prints in this newest collection! Hurry in before it's too late.....Kansas Troubles fabrics usually tend to have a pretty short shelf life!

Consider yourself notified and warned!
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