Civil Warriors: Month 1

OK, so....sometimes we tackle really huge things. Things so huge they require a special support group. Because I made the decision to tackle this beast:
I will be going to the support group at the shop tonight: The Civil Warriors.

See all of you fellow insane people tonight :)


I'm Back!

Good News: I'm back from the warm, sunny, state of Texas.
Bad News: I'm back from the warm, sunny, state of Texas.

Here are some highlights:
I met up with an old friend...one of the founding fathers of Grapvine TX.
Mr. Founding Father and I went cow tipping.....
I got thrown in jail....but promptly was released.
Now y'all know why It's been so quiet 'round these parts!

 On that note, mom and I are gearing up for the bus trip this coming weekend...we've got so much awesome "in flight" entertainment planned y'all won't know what to do! We're branching out from our old tried and true entertainment and sailing some uncharted territory....watch...out!!!

We're having a planning party tonight and all I can tell you is I need to make a stop at the thrift store before then...
 This bus trip...will...be.......EPIC!



Checking in

captains log wed. april something
reporting from my phone here in texas, it is very hot, very balmy and fery fun.

how was terry atkinson


Terry Atkinson is Coming!

Terry Atkinson is coming!

Monday,April 18 (yes, less than a week away!)
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
We'll be testing Shadow Song
(Pattern coming out at market in May)

Quilt finishes to 61 x 72
Class fee: $12
Kits available for $65 less 20% class discount = $52!

Wanna come and test one of her newest patterns?
Call the Calico Hutch ASAP...space is limited
and this does fill up fast!

I've done this several times in the past and it is lots-o-fun!
I'm going to be in TX otherwise I would be there!


Recap from retreat Weekend: Part 1

I'm finally back to being semi-functional in the real world. I've found that after a fantastic weekend retreating, it always takes me a day or two to get back to reality and recuperate from all the hours and hours of fun and limited hours of sleep!

I've got a TON of pictures to share with you but promise not to bore you by doing them all at once.
So...for today I'll start with just some general fun shots from the weekend. As you can see, a lot of projects got tackled!

As you can see, it was a good time!
I'll be back with more pictures soon-



Pennies from Heaven - Wool BOM

Don't miss out on this BEAUTIFUL wool Block of the Month!
Starting kits shipping this month!

ps...this picture does not do it justice!!!!
Click here and scroll down a ways for all the details.
There are a limited number of total kits available so don't delay...
sign up today  :)



My New Little Cuties - Help with naming!!!!! - Giveaway Alert!

This past week / weekend, I've been busy designing some new little cuties.
I'm teaching wool at the retreat this coming weekend
and wanted to have something special for the ladies there.
Here they are:
Help me name the pattern!
I'll give you 1 FREE pattern if I pick your name suggestion!

All you have to do is post a comment BEFORE 10pm tonight
 with a name idea or ideas for the pattern and your email address!

Oh yeah, all 4 little pincushion cuties will be in the pattern.
Will you be the winner?


Migration of the quilters starts today!

What: Wild Goose Chase Shop Hop
Where: 10 shops in S. MN and 1 shop in W. WI
Who: You and anyone else you can squish in your car :)
When: April 1-9, 2011

Click here and scroll down a ways to see all the shops and read all the details!
FREE pattern at each shop!
Visit them all and get 6 yards of fabric FREE
(12 half yard cuts of MODA best selling Bella Solids!)

Happy Migrating!
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