Retreat Show & Tell

Here are some tidbits from show and tell at the retreat. The lighting wasn't that great in the show and tell area so most of my pics aren't blogable. Maybe one of these times I'll buy one of those REALLY nice cameras...hmmm....

This is and "I Spy" quilt made by Jolyn Olson. Jolyn has a blog too that I like to read...it's http://www.farmquiltsbyjolyn.blogspot.com/. This quilt was made for a little cutie in her family. Also, Jolyn teaches at the shop sometimes too....she's a good one to take a class from. Jolyn is the one on the bottom right talking into the mic.

This is a BEAUTIFUL quilt...it's "Dear Jane" and sadly I forgot who to credit with it. If it was you, please post a comment claiming it so I can get you the credit you deserve. It is truly a work of art.

Update: Thank you Doris for letting me/us know that Trina Kirkvold beautifully crafted this quilt.

I've always envied this paper pieced turkey that Merle Stensrude made...of course, I also have this weird fascination with turkeys...I'll have to make one sometime...it rocks. Also, Merle teaches at the shop too...her beginner class is top notch and her paper piecing classes always fill up fast too!

Lastly and not from the retreat, here's the baby quilt I concocted last night. It was pretty simple...it just cut random curves....some bigger, some smaller...and then I sewed them back together. It went pretty fast and with the border - I know, the border is almost too wide but that's how that print on the border fabric worked out- it ended up being I believe somewhere in the 45" range. It will be wonderful with minkee....

Have a wonderful evening friends!
Now I've got some sewing to do!

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Doris said...

I wasn't there, but I know that Dear Jane...it was recently finished by Trina Kirkvold.

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