Fork Pins

It's a fact...I'm a pinner. I believe that pinning leads to perfect-or attempted perfect- piecing and who doesn't want that??
In my last post I mentioned my fascination/addiction/reliance upon the fork pin. Honestly, I have no idea how I ever managed to live without then. So...I will try to show you how simple they are to use.
Here they are...they have their own quadrant in my pincushion
I'm going to make a simple 4-patch block for argument sake.
Press so matching seams "nest".
Now insert the fork pin...one side of the pin on each side of the seam
After you sew it together, open it up and press. I like to "pop" the stitch where the seams intersect to make this lay flatter so there's not so much bulk where all four pieces come together
Would ya look at that....matches perfect!
So...in a nut shell....that's how they work.
Just think of all the possible uses...it's mind boggling!
(Note: Don't be discouraged if they don't seem to slide into the fabric very easily. It's like there is something on the surface of them. After they've been used once (maybe twice) the slide easily....just like a normal pin. )
Yes....they have Fork Pins at the shop!
Happy Pinning Friends!

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