Strip Texas Two Step: Done!

It's all done...and I like it!!
Can't wait to take it to the shop on Monday for quilting!!


Fellow quilters...

Sometimes you see something a quilting buddy is working on and you get inspired!

That I did...
My friend Paula from Groovy Girls was at the Terry Atkinson test class
and chose to use the bright wovens on a navy linen look background.
It had a more modern feel to it....AND...It was stunning!!!!

So, for Groovy Girls next week I need to use the
Texas Two Step pattern by Terry Atkinson
and at the shop they have a whole line of bright stripes!

How could I not try the color combo for myself??

This is what I left the shop with:

And of course I just HAD to get it cut out last night!!!!
Then I looked at the clock and thought "Hey...I can sew on it a little! It's only 9:30!"
Then before too long I had all the rows put together ...

and some of the rows sewn to other rows
then I was exhausted and had to go to bed!

Good thing I called it a night when I did because as you can see,
 the third row from the right needs to be flipped over!
I don't think I would have caught that!!!

The colors are growing on me....
not my usual though!!


Farmer's Wife: Month 9 (Blocks 74-82)

 Here we go again!!
Another month of Farmer's Wife blocks!

Pleased to announce that we're nearing the end....
the block assignment for this month is 74-82

FYI: All the blocks worked out PERFECTLY...
even the "tricky" ones turned out EXACTLY the size they need to be :)

As you work your way through the blocks this month, remember...
It's not hard, it's just DIFFERENT!!!

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to :)

Have fun!
I have confidence in all of you :)



I stinking love covered buttons...

I've never covered a button before because it seams like they're one of those things you hear seasoned sewers grumble about.

This months Groovy Girls project uses covered buttons.... I was scared!!!

Wow!!! How incredibly easy they are! I'm now putting them on EVERYTHING I can possibly think of!!
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