Simple Graces

The girls from the shop called last Friday and asked if I could whip up a couple little wool samples from this *new* book. Being on the wool binge that I'm on, I obviously agreed.

I must say that I probably *need* this book:
(and yes, if you're wondering, it's a *need* and not a *want*!)

I love the main quilt project, and pretty much everything else on the cover. The 2 little wooly things I made aren't on the cover...but...they pretty much rock.

The pincusion...It's a nice size and FUNCTIONAL!!! (stuffed with crushed walnut shells) The glasses / rotary cutter / scissor case:
I actually need to make one of these for myself...I found out last week that I'm getting old...I need "readers". Also, the stem looks pretty stark, but there are some little leaves....they just didn't photograph well! Both projects were pretty simple-simon and of course I used the Valdani perle cottons. I'm sure kits and the book are/will be available at the store.

Simple Graces!

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