Farmer's Wife: Month 4 blocks (28-36)

Welcome to month 4! Can you believe how many of these litte beauties you've already stitched up????

I appologize for the crummy pictures this month....the battery was dead on the good camera so I resoreted to the camera on my phone. I think you can still get a pretty good idea!

#28 Duck & Ducklings
#34 - 1 3/4" square

#29 Economy

This is one of my favorites!!

#31 Evening Star
#5 - 3 1/2" square
#4 - 2" square

# 32 Farmer's Daughter
(This block is stunning in person...it looks really washed out in this pic...sorry!)

#34 - 1 3/4" square

#33 Farmer's Puzzle
#29 - 6 1/2" x 1 1/8" rectangle
#30 - 3 1/4" x 1 1/8" rectangle

#34 Flock
This one got pretty washed out in the picture too...bummer!!

#35 Flower Basket
#1 - 2 1/2" square

 #36 - Flower Garden Path
I LOVE this one!

#19 - 1 1/2" square
#25 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangle

Happy Piecing!


Retreat games

So...some of my favorite retreat memories stem back to the whitty games. The theme of this retreat was "Wild Wild West".

These ladies won the draw at 6 paces. As you can see, they were armed with nerf guns and sponge/suction cup ammo. They hit the bandits painted on the windows shown behind them more than any other team.

And then these girls are champion lasso ladies...they passed a pretzel from person to person and back on a straw in their mouth, without the use of their hands, in under 15 seconds....WOW!!! Talk about real rodeo queens!

There was lots of laughter and good times for all!


A little something wool

Mom and I are doing a program on working with wool for a local guild tomorrow evening and as usual decided to work up some last minute projects. I made this guy.

FREE at AllPeopleQuilt.com. Click here for the pattern

Wools / flannel background:
All from the stash of one Katie Zenk which has over time been collected from the Calico Hutch

Square frame:
Ready to hang art from Herberger's...took their hotel room looking art out and put my beautiful art in :) I had a challenge finding a square frame and am still in search of a smaller one...but, for now this will have to do just fine! This one was on super sale and I had a coupon too.

Enjoy the sunny day!


Civil War Club

So exciting! The phenomenal quilt's we've been working on for the past 10 months are nearing completion....what an incredible sense of accomplishment!!

Here's one all done....border and all.

And Karen has hers all together with borders coming...

Same for Kim...all together with borders coming soon :)

And Bobbi brought show and tell....an old Calico Hutch Block of the Month quilt. This one has been done for a while and has resided on her bed for a few years. Pretty soon it's getting demoted and her Chronicles quilt is taking over!!
And last but not least, Violet made this cute little wall hanging for her kitchen. it's a little blurry because she lightning fast!

oh, I almost forgot!!! Here's another beautiful Chronicles quilt nearly finished...missing only the border.

So, If you're wanting to join the fun, we're starting a new quilt in May of June...I can't remember. It will be another intense project that leaves you finished with a huge sense of accomplishment.

See ya next month at club!!??


Happy Easter, to you!

Happy Easter!

I LOVE the toy store scene! How can you go wrong with tap dancing and drums??

Happy Easter to you!


Lenten Rose for Lent

This year the lenten roses are actually blooming during lent.

Don't you just love an early, early, early spring???


Waste not, want not!!

So...I save everything....
As you can see, I once again have a mountain of batting scraps....so, it's time to make another Rag Time!
I've been collecting fat quarts of the woven flannels on Fat Fridays
(if you don't know about this, the last Friday of every month is Fat Friday. All rolled fats in the store are $1.75!)
And tonight I cut up all my batting scraps into this beautiful tote of Rag Time size batting squares. Now, I just need to cut up the fats so I can get to sewing!!!

If you haven't made a Rag Time, you should consider it! They are the softest, warmest, cuddliest, mot comfortable and fought over quilts you could ever make! Every quilter should make one at some point in the quilting career :) It's also a perfect use for the strips of batting the quilter gives back to you!

PS: There are Rag Time patterns and multiple kit options available at the shop!
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