Tulip Time!

For a while there I was worried.....last fall I planted a ton of tulip bulbs. As Spring progressed, the tulips all over my neighborhood started popping up and there was no sign of mine. Then, about a month ago, they started to peek through the mulch. Finally, this past weekend they looked like this:

I really wanted to pick them all and fill a vase for my desk at work, but managed to keep my hands off! You see, supposedly tulips are kind of like asparagus....you leave them alone the first few years to reproduce and grow. The flower and leaves feed the bulb to strengthen it and make more bulbs....at least that's what I've been told. Once they're all done blooming, then you can deadhead them. However, leave the leaves to die (yellow) on their own before removing them. Once again, I have nothing but the wisdom of a sweet neighbor to back any of this up.

PS: I sprayed that dandelion last night and am happy to say that it's looking pretty wilted this morning!


Save the date(s)!

Call the freinds and start planning your trip!

Minnesota Shop Hop
Friday July 29 - Sunday August 14

Visit all the shops in our section and get this FREE:

What a wonderful assortment of yummy backgrounds!
Now the wheels are turning.....add some Minnesota 2011 fat quarters and you have a wonderful quilt!


What comes to mind on a rainy day....

It is a rainy day here and this is what always pops into my head on rainy days.

Hmmmm....now I'm thinking I need a set of orchestra bells (xylophone) in my office....he made it look like so much fun and I'm sure it would go over well!

PS....Farm Fresh is done and on it's way to the shop :) Picture coming soon!

Has my obsession with the Broadway musical became obvious yet? It seems I have a song or something from a musical to relate with or refer to in pretty much any circumstance...

Snuggle in with your favorite quilt, a cup of tea, a good book and enjoy the rainy day!


Farm Fresh

So, lately I've had my plate full with rehearsals for concerts....one biggie last weekend and two biggies this coming weekend. However, I have been able to sneak in a little sewing time :)

I found this pattern a while back and shortly after the perfect fabric came in! I love how the Pattern Basket people set a simple snowball block in this quilt. They look kind of like farm fresh eggs :)
Here's what I've got so far:
(excuse the quality of the picture....I had to use the camera on my phone. In real life, the fabrics are much more vivacious.)
I used these fabrics:
Buttercup by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

Oh yeah, I used to raise farm fresh eggs when I was a young...here's some proof:

Me tellin the guy at the fair all about my chicken....It was a pretty one :)
My brother and me with our very first pollet eggs one year.

Top will be done soon and kits will be available at the Hutch so you can get yourself the ingrediants for a  yummy Farm Fresh quilt!



garden anyone?

Last night I had plans....plans to clean out my vegetable garden and get it ready to plant. But, when I went out to do that, the sky got dark and the lightning started, so I went to a movie with a friend instead.

I was bummed...really bummed. You see, this summer I have big plans for my garden. Every year, just about the time all my veggies are up and looking good, a whole rookery of crows descend upon my sweet little plants and dine, and dine, and dine till everything is destroyed or gone. Even though this happens, every year I plant. This year is different...I've out smarted those stinky, mean crows. I'm planting all flowers and one tomato plant. I've always wanted a cutting garden so this year I'm going to have one.

I went out and got my bulbs the other night:

Plus I'm going to add:
*snap dragons*
*sweet pea*
and whatever else makes its way into my cart at the garden center.
As for the vegetables, I think I'll hit the farmers market!

Do you have big summer garden plans?


Paper Piecing Anyone?

FYI for all of you who want to brush up on your
paper piecing skills.

What: Loon Lake paper piecing class
When: Tomorrow 5/10, 2-4:30 or 6-8:30
Where: Calico Hutch
Teacher: The wonderful Merle Stensrude
Skill Level: Beyond Beginner

Call 507-377-1163 to reserve your spot!
-As always, kits are available-


Darlene Zimmerman is coming!

Hey Friends....
In case you've been hanging out with all those little Muppet-esque critters know as Fraggles in their caves known as Fraggle Rock and haven't heard yet, Darlene Zimmerman is coming to the Calico Hutch

Saturday June 11or Sunday June 12
9am - 4 pm

We will be working on this:
If you haven't signed up yet, do so soon....there are just a few openings left!
Also, if you don't sign up I can't say "see ya there!".

Oh, yeah...if you don't know what a Fraggle is, here ya go:
HOPE to see ya at the class!


Civil War Tribute 2011: Month 1

So far, so good! I'm right on track for finishing this puppy on time!  :)
Here's my work so far:
Don't get freaked out if mine doesn't look like yours....
remember I'm using 30's prints in lieu of Civil War prints :)

I did however notice that there is only 1 - 16" block the first month and then the remaining months are pretty intense....like multiple blocks with tons of teeny-tiny half square triangles. For now though, don't burst my bubble...just let me think I'm doin great and this whole thing is gonna be a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon :)

A special kudos from me to the pattern writer. Everything pieced together BEAUTIFULLY allowing all my points to be perfect and no "easing" was needed! BRAVO pattern people, BRAVO! Keep up the good work!

I'm doin good!


Bus Trip Recap

Mom and I had the extreme honor to serve as stewardesses / hostesses / bus moms this past weekend for a wonderful bus trip that headed out from the Calico Hutch. We both had a blast! A special thank you to those who were along for the ride...It was a pleasure serving all of you :)

Here's the whole gang at one of the shops....I'd just like to point out all of the smiles and cheerfull expressions. I believe everyone was having a GREAT time and came back inspired, motivated, and ready to work on many, many, many new projects.
I know this pic sticks out into the right column....but if it were any smaller, it  would just look like a pic
from a science book of an atom before it split....proton, neutrons and electrons oh my!
We had all positive protons on the trip :)
Now it's back to the sewing room for me. I have a quilt and a couple Schnibbles that need to get finished! More on those soon.

Thanks for the great weekend fellow bus people!

Oh yeah, I went to the greenhouse last night for the first time (of many) this season and came home with this:

Pansies and a little Chinese cabbage for my window boxes and a cherry tomato plant for my grandma for mothers day. I'm hoping the Chinese cabbage will add a little texture and uniqueness. I'm in the mood to garden now....if it would only warm up a little!!!! Oh well, before long we Minnesotans will be complaining because it's 95 deg and humid!

Enjoy the day!
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