The Perfect Tree

I've noticed that everyone has their own image of their "perfect" tree.
Some tall and some short...some thin and some a little on the chubby side.
Long needle and short needle, fur and pine.
Some fake and some real.
For as long as I can remember, our family tree has come from Budd's Christmas Tree Farm so it only seemed natural that I would continue to get my annual "perfect" tree there.
If you're not familiar with Budd's, it's located by Clarks Grove, MN and owned/operated by the Budd family...I happen to be buds with one of the Budd daughters.
This is the first tree that caught my eye....just so happens to be the first tree in the farm.
I was in the market for tall, skinny, fir with lots of imperfect holes.

Because it would be WAY too easy to by the first one when there are a million more trees to pick from, I kept looking. Then I found this tree....I took a picture of it for a couple reasons.
A) It reminds me of Charlie Brown
B) Pretty sure I begged my parents to buy this EXACT tree when I was 10 years old...it's grown up kinda funny with character just like me :)
C) If my brother was with me, he would cut this one down, trim off about 8' of trunk and put it in his house. Every year he ends up with an odder looking tree...I think he feels sorry for them or something.
D) Why not?
NOTE: On the way out of the tree farm I ran into Diane from the quilt shop. She and her husband were there cutting down their "perfect" tree...pretty sure she picked this one so I know it has a good home :) Just kidding...I'm guessing she's also a fir person... and this is a pine.
Oh well, I'll visit again next year at the tree farm.

Then, after walking down row after row, looking at tree after tree...I found this beauty.
My mom just looked at me and said "Katie, it's like 15' tall" I said "I know mom...I have 8' ceilings, it will work." she laughed...I cut it down.

My favorite part of the whole process is cutting it down

Dad helped me carry it to the truck...just look how perfect it is!

Stop back again soon to see it prominently positioned in its new home!
Hope you have fun picking/putting up your PERFECT tree!

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