Farmer's Wife: Month 3 (blocks 19-27)

Block 19: Checkerboard
#21 = 1 7/8" Square

Block 20: Churn dash
#1 = 2 1/2" square
#25 = 1 1/2 x 2 1/2

Block 21: Contrary Wife
#1 = 2 1/2 square

Block 22: Corn & Beans
Add caption

Block 23: Country Farm
#1 = 2 1/2" square

Block 24: Country Path
#4 = 2" square
#43 =

Block 25: Cups & Saucers
#1 = 2 1/2" square

Block 26: Cut Glass Dish
#1 = 2 1/2" square

Block 27: Darting Birds
# 19 = 1 1/2" square
Enjoy making blocks 19-27 and remember, scat 1/4" works best when working with the itty bitty teeny weeny triangles (at least for me!)

Disclaimer....I tried my hardest to get all the dimensions correct but....I am a human...suffering from seasonal allergies :)



What I've been up to!

So, you may think that lately I've been sluffing off and not producing anything because of the lack of posts lately. However, being the leader of 3 clubs at the shop this year, I seam to do a lot of "secret" sewing.

Last week, I put together 2 quilts for the April Groovy Girls Club.
I can't show you the finished product until after club, but I can tease you with this :)

As you can see, quilt 1 is ready for the final hand stitching on the binding!

Quilt 2 is quilted and ready for binding too...maybe I'll "show you" that one soon as well!

Just wanted to raise curiosity a little ;)


Spring Newsletter

Good news fellow quilters....

The SPRING newsletter is now available for you to parooze!

Be sure to check out the classes, retreats and clubs because it's never too late to start something new!!


Big Finish

The sewing machine in my basement has been a purrrrrrrrring lately and the other night I had a big finish.

Here she is:
My Log Cabins by Fig Tree Quilt Co.

It was a fun one to make and I love, love, LOVE the bordering....4 small borders rather than 1 wide border.
So, It's at the shop to be quilted and I can't WAIT to see her all done and bound :)

Note: There are kits on this at the store...wink, wink!!



Groovy Girls: March Edition

Welcome to the virtual edition of the Mach Groovy Girls Club.
This month we worked with the theme "Company's Coming".

On Saturday morning, all the Groovy Girls came together for another club meeting and we even had a couple new faces join in on the fun too!!! I guess the word is spreading that this is a fun little club to be in!

Small version of the Happy Holiday's table topper.
Kits and pattern available in the store.

Medium version of the Happy Holiday's table topper....kits available

Large tree skirt version...Sooooo cute :)
Kits available!!!
 We had lots of fun with show and tell and I can't wait for next month when we discover.....
Groovy Gifts!!!





I have something to confess.

About 6 weeks ago I packaged up all my give away kits, addressed, stamped and taped each envelope shut just in case, and put them in a box to take to the post office. Fast Forward to last night. I was digging through my sewing room looking for a stack of patterns and this is what I found...THE BOX!!! I thought I mailed them but must have been negligent!!!

Conclusion, they're in the front seat of the Jeep and I'm popping them in the mail today. If you were one of the 13 cupcake pincushion give away winners and reside in the Albert Lea Minnesota area, expect you're kit in the mail tomorrow! If you live somewhere else, it's on the way!!!

Congratulations to those of you who won this little package of goodness and I apologize for delivery taking this long!!

Enjoy the day!
I have some exciting things to show you tomorrowish!

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