New Pre-cuts!

Look what the UPS man unloaded.....lots of new charm packs, layer cakes and jelly rolls!!!
Check out tons of awesome free pre cut friendly patterns at the Moda Bakeshop....

Late Bloomers
By Sandy Gevais

By Bonnie and Camille

Cattails and Clover
By Kansas Troubles

Precut stats:
Charm Pack = 40 - 5" squares
Layer Cake = 40 - 10" squares
Jelly Roll = 40 - 2 1/2" strips

These are just the newbies to the store....there are TONS of other cuties to pick from too!


Bus Trip Quilt is Done!

I present to you a new sample:

Bus Trip Quilt with No Name
56 x 82 (ish...I think)
Made with 63 - 2 1/2" strips 

I like it....I really like it....I like it a lot....I really like it a lot
I took it to work to show my dad and he really likes it too :)
Kits available! I know you want one-

Oh yeah, incase you haven't gathered, it's a bus trip weekend at the shop meaning that throughout the weekend we will have several busses full of quilteres stopping by the shop. This means that pretty much every employee will be working (including yours truely) all weekend. The block used in this quilt is the "official" block of the bus trip...every shop made something out of it...I think.

So, stop on by and capture some of the great energy from the bus trip this weekend...you won't regret it!


Darlene Zimmerman is coming again!

Come spend the day with the Clothesline Lady

If you've never taken a class from Darlene, you're SERIOUSLY missing out! She is one of the nicest people you will probably ever meet AND she brings a BEAUTIFUL trunk show that will inspire and amaze!

View her website

Darlene Zimmerman

Saturday, November 19 or Sunday, November 20 --- 9 AM - 4 PM
(only a couple Saturday spaces left! Call right away and reserve your spot!)

$54 includes the class in addition to:
Morning coffee and treats at 8:00 AM, lunch, afternoon dessert and Darlene’s trunk show.
What a bargain!!!

Call to reserve your spot 507—377– 1163

Project: Old Fashioned Stars
Kits (61 x 81) in reproduction fabrics (pattern included)
Civil War—$82

Darlene is a quilt historian, fabric designer, quilt tool designer, author of Granny Quilts, Granny Quilt D├ęcor, Fat Quarter Small Quilts, Quilter’s Edge, Chicken Linen - Feedsack Facts and Projects, Quilting - the Complete Guide, and Quilts from Lavender Hill Farm and many individual patterns.

Don't wait too long to register!!!!
Hope to see you all there :)


Talk about one creative weekend!

Greetings from my creative zone! This past weekend I fully channeled my creativity that's for sure!
I began working on the feature quilt for the bus trip this coming weekend.

The batik part...not the 30s :)
I think I need another design wall....or just a bigger one!
 I have 1/3 of the blocks done....usually batiks don't appeal to me, but I'm really liking the way these are turning out. Maybe I do like batiks! There will be kits available VERY VERY SOON!!!

And, I stared taking hardanger through community education. I really wasn't anticipating the 6 week commitment but the instructor is a really sweet older lady whom I know from different things around town. Last time I saw her I mentioned that I was interested in learning sometime. Note the key, non-commital words "interested" and "sometime". The day before class was slated to start she called me at work.... here is the direct quote. "yeah, say, it's Helen. What color doilie do you want to make in class tomorrow. White or ivory...I need to know so I can get a starter kit ready for you." Long story short, this fall is not the best timing to be making such a commitment but what the heck. So, Here's how far I've gotten...I know, impressive right ;) The class itself was a unique experiance I will save for another time-
And, as we all already know, I'm a night owl. A lot of times I'm too alert to go to sleep but not alert enough to cut and sew without making ridiculous mistakes. So, I knit or crochet or as of late, work on my ivory hardanger doilie. This past weekend I hit the knitting pretty hard. Note: I am by no means an expert knitter or even a good knitter, but I like doing it so I do. I should have probably taken the knitting class through community education too!

I worked on a scarf that I started last fall. When I took it out Thursday night it was only 6" long. As of Saturday, It was about 36" long and I had stop because I ran out of yarn. Then when I was randomly rummaging through some things, I found another skein so now I can finish....I am one lucky ducky!!!

After traumatically running out of yarn and before miraculously finding more, I packed the scarf away and moved on. I dug out some circular needles (I bought a whole bag of needles at a garage sale for $1.00) and some purple yarn that's been gracing my yarn tote for a few months and started my first ever circular needle project: a baby shawl. It's just a simple seed stitch and so far I'm lovin the circular needles.
So, that's the end of my weekend creativity...
Hope you all were able to have some creative time too!


A quilt for soon to be baby Porter

Soon to be baby Porter's mom is one of my good friends....we walk and laugh together and share the same fascination with baking / canning / home making. So, I've concocted a baby quilt.
I've blogged about it here before and talked a little about the patterns I combined to make this cutie.  I love, love, LOVE the owl :)....he's a hoot!
Can't wait to meet this little blessing!


Sandi Irish is coming to the Calico Hutch!

Sandi Irish has been quilting for over 23 years, teaching and working in a quilt shop as well as designing quilts for companies like Timeless Treasures Fabrics and doing other commissioned works. Since she prefers creating her own designs or adapting traditional quilts to her own style, launching the Irish Chain pattern company in 2003 was a natural step to take.

“Bling” with Sandi Irish

Saturday, November 5 - 11:30 till 4:30 pm
10 AM—FREE Trunk Show for general public

Her new “PINE TREE pattern is one of a set of designs in the Quilted Jewels Series cut using the diamond template set. Included in the series of patterns is “BLING”, I SPY DIAMONDS”, CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRT and QUILTED JEWEL TOTE BAGS. Sandi will demonstrate all of the Quilted Jewel Series with an emphasis on Tall Pines (24 x 56), a great addition to your home for the holidays!!

Class - $35
Kits available — $44

Call to reserve your spot and kit. 507-377-1163

Visit her website and blog!


Fall Newsletter

Good news folks, the fall newsletter is up on the website!
 Be sure to check it out because you wouldn't want to miss out on anything exciting!
Click here to scope things out.
Fall is a coming....before ya know it, the maples will start to turn and then (yay) the snow will start to fly!



This weekend my window boxes had a visitor...
Yup...you're seeing things right, I did plant basil and egg plant with the flowers in my window boxes when the pansies died....I've got a bumper crop if egg plants coming on! I'll have to take a picture and share with you.

Oh, If I only ate egg plant---


Just one of the many reasons why I love September!

How cool is this:
*Thank you to Moda fabrics for this pretty pretty picture*

Sew, what will you be stitching up during this month that celebrates our beautiful art?
If ya want to, send me a pictures of what you accomplish and as your works of art accumulate in my inbox, I'll post them. Who know, maybe we'll even do some sort of CRAZY AWESOME give away :)
please send them to: calicohutch@gmail.com

Get to work!

Again, I receive no compensation in anything for mentioning stuff or companies in this post or on this blog. I just thought MODA made a pretty little thingy-ma-bobber for national sewing month and I wanted to share it with you :)
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