Farmer's Wife: Month 2 blocks (10-18)

Welcom to month 2 of the Farmer's Wife!

This month (March) the blocks to complete are 10-18. Note: The computer had the honor of choosing which direction the pictures downloaded this month...so my appologies for stiff necks!

Also, I've once again included cutting for squares and rectangles. I double checked the measurements however, please remember I am a human too!

Block 10: Bowtie
I pressed the tan points on the red squared to the red and the points on the blue squares to the tan points.

Block 11: Broken Dishes
Press to dark

Block 12: Broken Sugar Bowl 
#1 – 2 ½” square
#19 – 1 ½” square

Block 13: Buckwheat
 #21 – 1 7/8”
Piece HST blocks (I pressed to dark) and then work in rows diagonally. Seams will nest if you press rows in opposite directions

Block 14: Butterfly at the Crossroads
#34 – 1 ¾” square
#35 – 1 ¾” x 3”

Block 15: Buzzard’s Roost
#5 – 3 ½” square

Block 16: Calico Puzzle 
#1 – 1 ½” square

Block 17: Cats and Mice
#21 – 1 7/8” square
I pressed hourglass blocks to the dark.

Block #18: Century of Progress
The cutting instructions/color placement for this block appears incorrect. If you choose, you may place colors differently.


Farmers Wife / CW Chronicles / Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday!
Just an FYI for those of you in the Farmers Wife Club
or the Civil War Tribute/Chronicles club

Due to the Lenten season, February and March meetings will be on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.
Same weeks, just the following evening :)

So, I will see you all on THURSDAY evening, not tomorrow evening :)

Look what I did this weekend....
Yup...it was lots of fun :)
The special someones phone camera is pretty scratched, but you get the idea!

Have a good day!


Snaps from the retreat

So, I charged the battery on my camera up before I left for the retreat, took my camera out of the bag and put it by my sewing zone, and then proceeded to not take any pictures. Grrrrr! The poor quality pictures you're looking at are brought to you courtesy of my phone. Thank goodness it has a camera!

Some message therapy for all those stiff and sore sewing muscles!

The champion "Nut Stackers" posing for a picture in Victory Lane!
Don't ya just love those awesome retreat games??
And of course, the Fat Quarter blackjack. I think there are ladies who come to the retreat just for this half hour span of time. They have the game down pat. They start with the minimum buy in and end with arm loads of fats!

Looks like fun, huh!?


Retreat - Friday update

Bound the Strip and go make it
started mystery .... Not on my to do list :)


Retreat Weekend

Couple things...
1) Welcome to a pictureless post....well, i'm sure you'll be making mental pictures :)
2) Austin Retreat weekend is upon us and i'm getting excited!

I've been working on getting my projects to work on ready for the weekend and have come up with the following list:

1) Civil War Tribute - Piece HST units for border
2) Civil War Tribute - Finish Feb blocks
3) Stitchers Club - Step 2 HST units
4) Farmer's Wife - Blocks 10-18
5) Baby Quilt - Boy
6) Baby Quilt - Girl
7) June Bug - Bind
8) Schnibble - Bind
9) Mystery from 2/2011 retreat - Bind
10) Baby quilt - Bind
11) Stitch and go make it quilt - Bind

Here's my projection of what I'll actually get done:

8) Schnibble - Bind
12) Featured Retreat Mystery Quilt - Piece....yes, this wasn't on my list....that's how I roll. I procrastinate and do lots of what doesn't need to get done :)

So....I figured out how to blog from my iphone so watch out....I hope to keep you up to speed on what I actually accomplish. Don't be shocked if don't do anything :)

If you're in the Austin area this weekend, stop in and say HI!


Groovy Girls: Month 2

First off, a HUGE Thank you goes to my friend Holly Dahl who was my "substitute" on Saturday. I was in the cities at a soiree for work and she was nice enough to fill in for me. All I had to do was make the projects, set everything up and make sure things were in order. I'm sure she was an AWESOME host/teacher/presenter :)

Theme for month 2: Drawstring bags (travel time!)

Here are some shots of my display and this months projects:
and a little closer up...

the pictures are a little funny but that's what you get for forgetting your memory card on your desk at home....yet another reason I'm thankful for the inventors of smart phones :)

PS: This is an awesome pattern for drawstring bags and if you join the Groovy Girls club the pattern is yours for free!!

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