Fighting the creeping crud

It's that time of year again....Last week the creeping crud took me down. I'd been fighting it for a few weeks and just when I thought it was going to pass me by BAM!!! It got me good!

The good news is that now I'm back! Back to work, back to the blog and FINALLY back to sewing!

This weekend I did manage to paint my teeny, tiny downstairs bathroom....it pretty much took me all weekend, but I got 'er done! I couldn't sit idle any longer.

Before: dark gold that made the small space seem even smaller....the color wasn't bad, it just needed to go!
 After: I usually use Benjamin Moore paint...however, the hardware store here in town where I get it is updating their equipment and couldn't mix it for a week, so I used my second choice paint...Behr Premium Plus...Color: Wasabi Powder

I also got my second January Schnibble done....it turned out really nice :)
Don't forget to email me a picture of any schnibbles (or schnibble tops) you've made this month!

Enjoy the snow (if you're in Southern MN or Northern IA)



~ for a precious baby girl~

So, I told ya I was workin on a baby size "June Bug" for my friend
(and hair cutter/softball watcher/applebees eater/Bible study goers) baby-

Here it is..all quilted....

...and bound and washed...

...an all ready to cuddle as soon as that preciouse baby
comes into the word :)

Can't wait to meet her!
~She'll be such a blessing if she's any thing liker her mama~
Any day now :)



It's a complete mystery and strangely I'm excited....

I found this last night when I was paroozing (SP?) some blogs and thought I would spread the joy-
"2011 Bloggers' Block-a-Palooza"

I have no idea what the blocks are going to look like, but what the heck, I'll probably give it a shot.

I see it calls for a fat eighth bundle...I think I'm just going to use some fats I picked up at the shop.
Can  I just say that I love things like this....It's a complete mystery and you never know what you're going to end up with till it's all done...It's like the prize in the bottom of the cereal box :)

Enjoy the mystery!


It's a "Nice Day" to do up your "Block of the Month"

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know, cheesy. What can I say, I'm not very good at naming things which I probably why I have a cat named Miss Kitty and most of the time the titles of my posts are a little on the lame side.

As you may have guessed, last night I sewed up my January Calico Hutch Block of the Month (I went out of my comfort zone here folks and signed up for Kansas Troubles....I've never sewed with them before!)

I like it :) I did a couple color swaps because I'm like that and can never seem to do anything just like the pattern....unless it's something I'm doing up for a sample, then I follow the 'structions to the T. But, this is just for me so I changed my center block and the "rust" corners were supposed to be maroon.

I bet if you called the shop and asked, the nice ladies there would let ya sign up still :)
They're very helpful and their phone number is:

Also, here is the "Nice Day" kit I did up for the shop.

I used Park Avenue by 3 Sisters for Moda
Sorry for the photo quality...it's hanging weird at the shop and It's not quilted yet-
~ But you get the idea...it's pretty spiffy ~
I believe the kit is $22 which is a bargain.
It comes with 2 charm packs
2 Fat Quarter for you backgrounds
And a binding (red I do believe)

I bet if ya called the ladies at the shop they would either set one aside for you
or pop one in the mail...because, as I stated earlier, they're just nice like that!
Again, their phone number is:

So...How are you coming on your January Schnibble?
Don't forget to send me a picture (doesn't need to be quilted)
so your name can go in the drawing to win big.

What's currently working its way through your sewing machine?
Do tell, do tell!


What's Happening Monday

Happy Monday!
Here's a list of all the fun things happening
at the quilt shop over the next few days.
For more info on any event/class, click here.

Tues 1/18 Block of the Month 4:30-6
(staring 2011 - It's not too late to sign up!)

Thurs 1/20 Will Work for Food 9-5
(we provide food and fabric, you sew for Quilts of Valor)

Fri 1/21 Jelly Rolls / Honey Buns in a tube 12 noon-3
(really neat) 

Tues 1/25 Schnibblies with ME  6-8:30
(Jan Schnibble, Nice Day)
Note: Good way to work on your Jan Schnibble for the blog :)

Thurs 1/27 Turning Twenty 6-8:30
(Beginner class)

Fri 1/28 PMS Friday! 9-9
(Piecing Munching Socializing - Open Sewing-LOTS of fun!)

Fri 1/28 Fat Friday 9-9
All fat quarters only $1.25 each! Includes batik & flannel!

A little something for everyone!


NEW: Schnibble of the Month - blog style!

Every month I plan to feature a little Schnibble. These little cuties are designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. and use up those charm packs we just can't resist buying (or scraps!). They are all little quilts finishing somewhere around the 30-40" mark...some a little bigger, some a little smaller.

January's featured Schnibble is...
"Nice Day"
(Our kit looks very similar as we used "Park Avenue by 3 Sisters for Moda...I'll post a picture in the VERY near future)

So, here is how it works. During the month, make the featured Schnibble and email me a picture at calicohutch@gmail.com. toward the beginning of the following month, I plan to have a Schnibble Parade post where I will show all of the little quilts (made from any Schnibble pattern) you readers finished the previous month. There will also be a drawing each month for some sweet Schnibblish prize for one lucky finisher/photo submitter....who knows...it might even be a charm pack...or the next pattern...or a kit..or something else you CAN'T live without like a Calico Hutch Quilt Shop gift certificate! Your name will go in the drawing for every picture/finised schnibble you finish/submit that month. i.e, you make 3 schnibbles in January and send me a picture of each of them, your name will go in 3 times for that months drawing. 

Each month there will be a kit available for the featured project. However, feel free to use whatever you want. It's fun to see how different fabrics make the pattern look different. I will be making two (hopefully) each month, one from the kit and one from stuff in my stash.

The patterns for the first several projects will be from Miss Rosie's Book "Schnibbles Times Two" (I love this book!!!)....however, single patterns are available too :)

Also, I will be at the quilt shop "teaching" this little guy next Tuesday evening 1/25, from 6-8:30...you should come! (just be sure to call ahead so we can have enough irons and stuff out!)

I know that's a lot to soak in, but this first time I have to get all the information out there. Let me know if you have questions.

Happy Schnibbling y'all!

Minnesota Shop Hop 2011 - FABRIC!!!

Look what I stumbled across...

Yup...that's right! The 2011 MN Shop Hop fabrics can be seen here.
I really like the large print with all the scenes.
hmmm....what can I think up to do with it?

Have fun dreaming about what you'll do with the fabrics...I know I will :)


New Batch of Projects!

So...I was running out of things to sew/blog about...
Then I worked Friday night...
And I got all of these projects:

I sweet selection of Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
To make a small version of the June Bug quilt
For my friend who is having a baby any day now.
I actually got this one done on Saturday....
I'll post a picture later :)

This grouping of beautiful red/brown/tan fabrics
To make this.

This fresh fun grouping
Fandango by Kate Spain for Moda
To make this great bag...
I've seen it made up...it's going to be awesome.
I'm just waiting on fusible fleece to come in so I can get started.
A class is offered on this bag in March

And of course my life isn't complete unless I have a Fig Tree project
These beauties.....

To make the February Schnibble.
I actually got this little cutie done last night.
I'll post a picture soon :)
It quite possibly is the simplest Schnibble I've made

Life is good.
Lots to sew.


It's Done!

You've heard about it for a LONG time...and..
Sorry about the quality of the picture, it was late at night and I didn't take a whole lot of time to "stage" it....you get the idea though :) Note: The borders are square and lay perfectly flat...don't believe the picture!
Fabric: "It's a Hoot" By MoMo for MODA
Pattern: June Bug by Thimble Blossoms

I LOVE it and I plan to make a smaller one for a baby quilt for my friend out of Bliss....Machine applique is my new best friend

Now to get it quilted and bound....

Happy Friday!


Last Night & WINNERS!!!

Last night I put the pedal to the metal (or to the tile floor) and made the alternate blocks for June Bug and put the top together...Now I just need to add the borders...tonight?? I LOVE it so far!

And now on to the
Birthday Giveaway WINNERS

I made a bunch of theses cute little mittens:

The pattern is a FREE printable PDF one I found on the Oliver+S Blog here.

I did make a couple little changes, but nothing too major. And yes, I some how managed to make 1 left hand mitten and all the rest righties :)

The 5 Winners are:

1} Doris who likes almond cream cake from a bakery in Des Moines
2} Shelley who likes champagne cake
3} Janice who likes the angel food cake made from scratch by here mom
4} Elizabeth who likes carrot cake because she can pretend it's healthy
5} Pam who likes cheesecake with some sort of fruit sauce

Plus } I made an extra for Jo because we share the same birthday :)

So....be watching your in boxes for an email from calicohutch@gmail.com if you're a winner and be sure to reply with your address.

Enjoy the day!

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