Happy Pumpkin Day!

Confession: I'm not a Halloween fan at all....so today like every other 10/31, I celebrate pumpkin day :)
This year I made this for Pumpkin Day...didn't get it quilted..argg!!!
And I decorated my mantle for the special day...
and even added a little pumpkin goodness to my table!

The pattern for the cute little Pumpkin wall hanging was in the October 2011 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine that looks like this:
If you decide to make it be aware...they did not include the pattern for the tag (I made my own) and I turned the 'U' upside down for the 'N' because I didn't like the one they provided :) Other than that, it was fun to make!

Be sure to pop back tomorrow for a full report of my weekend...let's just say I met someone famous, had a french horn mishap right before a concert, finished a quilt and a HUGE handwork project I've been working on.

Have a fabulous Pumpkin Day!


Month 6: Civial War Tribute

Got the good ol' Civil War Tribute blocks (in 30's fabrics) done just in time this month! I must say, I like the way my fabrics worked together this month best of all....
There is just something magical that happens when you put green and yellow together...

See...green and yellow....just pure bliss...It puts a smile on a girls face :)
(yes...that's me circa 1988)

Who doesn't like what happens when you pair up green and yellow....besides all those red fans...and orange fans....and even blue fans :)

Off to spread the green and yellow goodness!


~*~ RUBY ~*~

Soooo stinkin' excited these days...
I wait all year for Bonnie & Camille's fabric line to come out in October!
They are a mother/daughter team and tend to design some awesome fabrics...
Modern but not too funky...just fresh and playful
This year I'm especially lovin' the gray....ya see, for some reason I'm hooked on gray-

Anywho, over the course of the next few days, this beauteous stack is going to become a lovely quilt!
Can't wait to keep you posted! I PROMISE I'll be better about posting....life was a little crazy there for a while...I'm sure you all understand how that goes!

Can't wait to start cutting, but first I must, must, MUST finish my civil war blocks for Wed. night meeting so I can get my free fat quarter...It amazes me what a quilter will go through for a free fat quarter :)

Enjoy this autumn Monday!


Apples, apples, apples

It's that time of year again...you know when apples are everywhere and all you do is center your life - and your diet -  around apples.

I found this delicious recipe for Upside Down Caramel Apple Pie on the Tasty Kitchen site.
** It was easy-peasy!**

Usually I make my own crust, but I did buy the ready to use kind in the
refrigerator section at the grocery store. (by the canned biscuits)

It looked so delicious I dug right in...
Seriously.....I could have eaten the whole thing!
But, I took half of it to a friend to enjoy.
Think about it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream...or REAL whipped cream...or both!

PS: Just as good room temp the next day as it was hot out of the oven!



Civil War Artists

I had the honor of hosting Civil War club in September and I snapped a picture of some projects to date.
As you can see, you don't have to put them together the way the pattern says :)
Aren't these some gorgeous looking quilts? Hard to believe they're not even half way done yet!

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