What a weekend!

Happy Tuesday!
So, I had huge, grand plans of accomplishing tons of stuff in the sewing zone this weekend....and then along came the creepy crud. It crept right on in and took over my life! Grrrrr!!!! However, I still managed to do this.....

Well....this I did last week for Civil War Tribute last Wednesday. I made 4 of these little buggers! I am really looking forward to seeing this quilt done. I've enjoyed the process but the excitement level is getting pretty high!

Since I wasn't feeling very well, I made all the half square triangles for the rest of my Civil War Chronicles quilt because that was mindless sewing :) I doesn't look like much in the picture but trust me....there's over 300 HST there. Now all I have left are the bazillion for the border!

I also intended to get all the sewing done for Groovy Girls on Saturday, but this stack just sat there. Tonight this is going to become 5 projects! Watch out!!!

I finished the last of the log cabin blocks and even got a couple rows together.

Plus....I spent a ton of time cleaning and organizing my sewing space...it's so nice down there I have a hard time working on stuff. For real, it's so clean and nice I just want to sit and watch movies at my sewing machine because I don't want to mess it up!!

That's all  for now, folks!
Enjoy the sunny tropical paradise we're having in S.MN!
Hope all this nice weather doesn't confuse my tulips into thinking it's time to come up!


Farmer's Wife: Month 1 blocks (1-9)

Dear Farmer's Wife clubbers,
For your reference, below are pictures of the first months 9 blocks along with notes and tips to hopefully aid in keeping the process enjoyable :) I've tried to include measurements to the rectangular and square templates so you can simply cut without the templates...however, you may wish to double check because I make mistakes too ;)

Block 1: Attic Windows
Note: I fussy cut my center block.
I pressed away from center.
#1 = 2 1/2" square

Block 2: Autumn Tints
Note: This block can be made without templates.
#5 Large (orange) squares = 3 3/4"
#4 Small (tan, green, gold) squares =  2"
I pressed to dark throughout.

Block 3: Basket
Note: You may need to trim a little length off the 2 handle ends to ensure 1/4" seam allowance is
available at the top of your handle. You can see I left about 1/2".  To applique the handle, I simply used light fusible web (Steam-a-seam or Heat-n-Bond lite both work well) and then simply used the blanket / buttonhole stitch on my machine to stitch around the edge. With a matching thread the stitches aren't even seen.
#9 = 2x31/2"
# 4= 2" square

Block 4: Basket Weave
Note: Instead of cutting 1 1/2 x 3 1/2"  pieces, consider cutting long strips (approx 16"), stitching the lengths together and then sub-cutting into 3 1/2" blocks. Saves time and tends to add accuracy!
I pressed all one way (to dark)

Block 5: Bat Wing
Note: For some reason I swapped the templates for this one and had to remake my block. I don't know if I was confused or if the templates look confusing...you may just want to look close before you begin.
"wings" I pressed to dark
Center strip I pressed to light.
#34 =  1 3/4" square

Block 6: Big Dipper
Note: I pressed to dark.

Block 7: Birds in the Air
Note: Be sure your seam allowance is accurate! For this block I personally needed to be sure my 1/4" was scant! Once I adjusted to scant 1/4", the block went together flawlessly.
I pressed the HST to the dark and then when I added the large tan triangles I pressed to the tan.

Block 8: Bouquet
Note: I also fussy cut the background so the pretty little designs looked nice! The seams in the "flowers" lay really nice if you press them open instead of to one side.

Block 9: Box
Note: I pressed to dark.
Center green square is 2 1/2"

Have fun!!!


Farmer's Wife

Just a little FYI:

Farmer's Wife club starts tomorrow night at the shop!
The club meets from 7-8 the 4th Wed of the month

Click here for more info!

Over the course of 12 months, we will be tackling the "Farmer's Wife" quilt from Laurie Aaron Hird's book. It will be lots of fun :)



I've got a secret!

Hint 1:
I love MODA fabric....
If you know me you know that really is no secret.

Hint 2:
The UPS guy brought this to my doorstep today....
note the packaging tape.

Hint 3:
bear claws, glazed raised and long johns oh my!

Hint 4:

Hint 5:
I have something that won't be in store till Spring :)
Can you guess????


Birthday Giveaway

Hi friends!
Thanks to all who participated in my birthday giveaway! If you were one of the 13 people who left a comment, please send me and email with your name and mailing address before next Friday 1/20.

Enjoy the day!


MN Shop Hop 2012

It's never too early to start dreaming about the 2012 MN Shop Hop!

PS: I'm in love with the some of the fabrics ;)


Groovy Girls Month 1 - Success!

Good Morning!

I'm pleased to report that our first ever meeting of the Groovy Girls that took place Saturday morning was a complete success! After all the time I spent making samples and demos and getting everything just perfect, I was glad the it was enjoyed and a good time for the crowd that came.

The featured project was Terry Atkinson's Stand and Stow bag. Pictured in the medium (grey print).
The free Terry Atkinson pattern was for the Monkey Business bag. Picture in the yellow floral with teal.

I had a whole display ready for the clubbies...I brought decor from my home and had everything you could need to make the projects ready and available which made shopping a breeze!

Did you know that with your club membership you receive a card for 20% off all Terry Atkinson products and stuff to make Terry Atkinson projects???? Talk about incentive to join!!

And everyone left happy and ready to start sewing their new projects!
PS: it's not too late to join! Simply register with the shop and you'll receive the free pattern you missed as well as the membership card.

Hope to see you Saturday Feb 4!



Birthday Giveaway

Happy Friday, friends-

As mentioned, I have a giveaway to offer :)
I designed this pattern for my birthday party and made some extra kits to give to some of you!

So, be one of the first 10 people leave a comment and tell me about something you were given for your last birthday and a pattern and kit will be yours! Giveaway will close next Friday 1/13.

Happy posting!


Groovy Girls

I've been working hard getting things ready for the first meeting of the

If you're wondering what that is...it's a club designed by Terry Atkinson. Each month there will be a different theme and free pattern created by Terry for club members only. You will learn to make all sorts of "groovy" things for you, your friends and your home. A little teaser for ya, the first month (meets this coming Saturday at 9:30) will highlight bags....it will be a ton of fun.
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