Fork Pins

It's a fact...I'm a pinner. I believe that pinning leads to perfect-or attempted perfect- piecing and who doesn't want that??
In my last post I mentioned my fascination/addiction/reliance upon the fork pin. Honestly, I have no idea how I ever managed to live without then. So...I will try to show you how simple they are to use.
Here they are...they have their own quadrant in my pincushion
I'm going to make a simple 4-patch block for argument sake.
Press so matching seams "nest".
Now insert the fork pin...one side of the pin on each side of the seam
After you sew it together, open it up and press. I like to "pop" the stitch where the seams intersect to make this lay flatter so there's not so much bulk where all four pieces come together
Would ya look at that....matches perfect!
So...in a nut shell....that's how they work.
Just think of all the possible uses...it's mind boggling!
(Note: Don't be discouraged if they don't seem to slide into the fabric very easily. It's like there is something on the surface of them. After they've been used once (maybe twice) the slide easily....just like a normal pin. )
Yes....they have Fork Pins at the shop!
Happy Pinning Friends!


"And I said, what about 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'"

Remember that song? It's one of my all time favorites.It's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" sung by Deep Blue Something.

Or how about the actual "Breakfast at Tiffany's"...You know, the one starring Audrey Hepburn, Moon River, and the cat with no name
Just to freshen your memory:
(I love the cat and all the hats...not to be confused with "The Cat in the Hat" which I also love.)

My VERY favorite "Breakfast at Tiffany's" thing is the new Fig Tree fabric line..."Breakfast at Tiffany's"

I got this....

To make this...

Here's one block...

The block actually goes together pretty easily.

However, the invention of the fork pin has made the piecing of this block much easier. If you don't have any, try some....you'll be addicted!

Speaking of fork pins...I think I need more!

Off for more pins!



"Nice Day"

I finished my November Schnibblies project!

It's "Nice Day" by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's

Fabrics: Park Avenue by 3 Sisters for Moda

(Sorry about the quality of the picture! The battery was dead in my camera so I had to use my phone!!.....Better pictures coming soon!)

This was a fun one to make! Probably my favorite Schnibble so far..

I love how the blocks go together

It's going to look REALLY nice in my home and I bet it would look pretty great in yours too!

As usual, there are kits and patterns available at the shop.

Happy Monday friends!


Looking under the hood

Last night did not go quite as planned.
I was excited because everything I usually do on Wednesday night was cancelled.
It was too windy to ride horse-
Because of MEA, we didn't have Bible study.
I was going to make the next Schnibblies project (for November class)
from *start to finish*....
So I started:
And then I turned my trusty sewing machine on....
Every stitch was accompanied by a clicking sound.
This is all the farther I got:
Does this picture look familiar???
Pulled her over to the side of the road...
(why we always refer to cars as "her", I will never understand)
Opened *her* hood...
Cleaned out all the gunk growing under *her* hood....
Gave *her* an oil change...
Took everything out I was *supposed* to...
Put *her* all back together
Slammed *her* hood shut again....
Put *her* in gear....
Drove *her* off down the road...
and....clink, clink, clink. clink...
There it was again
Needless to say, I unplugged *her* , packed *her* up and
I'm taking *her* to the garage to see the mechanic!

Then, I pulled out something of mine:
A cute little winter wool table mat.
I love this little *guy* (why guy and not gal??)
just about as much as I love the Valdani perle cotton.
When finished, it will be snowmen with a clothes line.
Hanging on the line are mittens, hats, scarf and a cute vest.
I also need to embroider the clothespins yet too..

Pretty sure working with wool is medicinal...
Probably the most therapeutic thing I can think of to do.
Tomorrow is Friday!


It is...well...Blissful...

I've blogged about it and talked about it now for quite a while.

It turned out REALLY Blissful :)

I finished it on Sunday.


"In and Out" using the new line Bliss..

This quilt is TWIN size...I think it's 71 x 91 if I remember right...hmmm

I may just use it on the bed in my spare room...hmmm

It also looks pretty nice with my couch though too...hmmm
Now for the quilting....hmmm once again.

Oh yeah, patterns and kits are at the shop!

Have a Blissful day!...hmmm


How to Talk Minnesotan

This last Saturday I learned how to:
I thought I was going to learn "How to Talk Minnesotan", but it basically just confirmed what I already know....It's confirmed, I talk like a Minnesotan...Ya sure, you betcha.
If you haven't already seen this musical, I would HIGHLY recommend going to see it. It's at the Plymouth Playhouse through Oct. 30.
They demonstrated how to jump start a car, and the three different ways to wave when you pass someone while driving down the road.
They explained the concept of the jell-o ring with marshmallows on a bed of leaf lettuce topped with a good sized dollop of Cool-Whip

They also explained the hot dish and how you can take any combination of meat, vegetables, starchy filler...mix it with a cream soup of your choice. Then bake at 450 till golden brown...and there ya have it...a hot dish.

So...if you say things like "Could be worse", "Ohfor..as in ohfor cute, ohfor fun, ohfor sweet, ohfor funny", "that's different", "Whatever". If you know that when it says "bring a dish to pass" it's really asking for a hot dish. If you know how to wave while leaving both hands on the steering wheel using only your pointer finger...yes, POINTER finger. If you've ever been...or sent your "boys" ice fishing. YOU MIGHT BE MINNESOTAN
Ohfor special


Bobbin Saver Winner and Bliss Update

Do you ever forget to do something that is REALLY important?
You probably don't....but I did!
You know what I'm talking about...
I forgot to draw for the BLUE Bobbin Saver

I wrote down all the names
and cut them apart using the scissors my great grandma (granny) left me.

They don't make scissors like this one any more!

Then I put all the names in a milk bottle

Yes, the chair the milk bottle is sitting on is REALLY old. I bought it at an antique store and absolutely LOVE it...very comfortable! I use it as my computer chair. Must be from the same era as the scissors because they don't make chairs like this anymore either!

And then I shook out a name

The winner is.......

Jessica said:
" What cheers me up when I feel blue? Anything that has to do with my two boys. Their smiles, laughs, hugs, and kisses. The way they say "I love you mommy!". Playing with them, watching them grow, and enjoying their new learning will always make my day! They always put a smile on my face so if I have a bad day, I love to come home to them! :)"

Jessica, your FREE Bobbin Saver will be waiting for you at the front desk at the store. Please stop by and pick it up next time you're in the area! It can't wait to meet it's new home :)

Also, this is how far I got last night on Bliss....

All the blocks are done!
Maybe I'll see some of ya at the shop tonight!


Bliss is....well....Blissful!

I'm making this:
"In & Out" by Blue Underground

Using these fabrics
"Bliss" by Bonnie & Camille for MODA
I'm this far...
and LOVIN' it!
How far can I get tonight?
I'll let ya know tomorrow!

Kits and patterns will be available at the shop

You can reserve one!

Gotta go sew!

Darlene Zimmerman Came!

As y'all know, Darlene the Clothesline lady came and taught again at the shop.

We made (or worked on) one of her newest patterns

Here's Darlene with Diane...Diane is our Clothesline lady
In this picture Diane is sharing her Clothesline challenge project.
It's pretty cute!

These ladies came all the way from Kansas City to take the class.

L-R: KC Girl Lynn, Carolyn (shop owner), Darlene Zimmerman, KC Girl Judy

Here's me with Darlene...her quilt, and my quilt.

Hers is the "traditional" 30's fabrics
Mine is the "retro" American Jane fabrics.



My one and only halloweenee thing

Look what I just finished-

It's cute
It's easy-peasy
It's WOOL~
Are you ready?

"Witch Wilma"

As you may know, I'm not the biggest fan of cats or Halloween for that matter. However, I couldn't resist this little cutie!

I used the *new* Valdani Perle cotton the shop now carries
I took the plunge and bought all the colors :)
I used a pretty long piece and it didn't wear down when I got to the end
like most perle cottons do.
It also looks beautiful-love the variegation!

It gets my stamp of approval.

Kits and patterns available at the shop....and threads too!
We do phone orders and ship kits!

Have a good day!

It's that time of year-

Fall is my very FAVORITE season
I love the colors
The smells
The pumkins and mums
The change in weather
And decorating for the season.
The other day my mom and I made our yearly trip to get our fall stuff-
The begonias and petunias in my window boxes got replaced.
The flowers on the fireplace get swapped out.
My one and only autumn quilt comes out of storage
and yes- of course it's a Yellow Brick Road!
Beautiful gourds make their way into my home
And the heat gets turned on for the first time!


Color Lesson No. 3: YELLOW

YELLOW.....the third primary color

The color of sunshine and dandelions The color of the common gold finch The color of Tulips and sunflower fields The color of the best M&M :)
My favorite horse coloring...the palomino.It's often referred to as the "YEllOW" horse

Now about YELLOW:

YELLOW is the color of hope and happiness. It's the color of sunshine and is a warm color...who would have guessed :)

For years women wore YELLOW ribbons to signify the hope they had that their special someone would come marching home safely. I guess now our cars wear the YELLOW ribbons...and sometimes out trees :)

Not all YELLOW things are good. If someone is said to be YELLOW, they're thought of as a coward or deceitful. The YELLOW jacket is also a very pesky insect and trust me, if you irritate them they do sting!

Even though YELLOW is a primary color, it works best as a companion to another color. Use it to create excitement when reds and oranges are too dark. YELLOW is considered a perky color. If you use YELLOW with blues and grays, it will perk things right up. Be cautious of mixing YELLOW with other colors who's values are too close as this will cause it to appear washed out.

I would have to say that YELLOW is my favorite color. I also try to put a splash of YELLOW (sometimes gold) in every quilt I make....it just adds a little something.

Here are some that I've used YELLOW in:

How about you? Do you have any quilts with YELLOW?


Sew-a-thon phenomenon

This weekend I retreated in the beautiful bluffs of Lanesboro, Minn. with some sewing buddies. The leaves are turning and the farmers are harvesting....it was absolutely beautiful. Here are some random shots. Note: I had to use the camera on my phone since I left my memory card at home in my computer....forgetful me!

I loved the drive over and back...the trees were beautiful, the fall wild flowers were blooming and the fields were spotted with green equipment...you know...John Deere...well, okay....and some other kinds too. In places cattle peacefully gazed the hillside (or bluffside) and the squirrels scurried around doing the thing they do. We had a good time and I was semi-productive. I took seven projects and worked on / finished only one. However, the one I did finish is REALLY cool. It uses probably close to 250 flying geese and 10 stars. Fabric: dark civil war and goldish/tan backgrounds. It went to Bonnie at the shop to quilt today. Can't wait to show it to you!

My thoughts here are meandering all over the place just like the roads in the hills...on my way over, I stopped and bought one of those sweet, red BERNINA chairs that we've all been drooling over at the shop. I'm finding out that I waited WAY too long to make one mine. It is adjustable tons of ways and I never experienced a back ache the whole weekend. I also like to use the weird, purple Gypsy sit-upon for my posture (I'm a sloucher trying to reform)...they made a great pair!

You have till 11:59 pm Wednesday (tomorrow) to comment on the BLUE giveaway to win the bobbin saver! Tell your friends too!
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