Pineapple Nine Patch Class: Part 2

As promised, here are some of the different color combos fellow quilters
came up with for their Pineapple Nine Patch projects -

Bright orange/yellow batiks with black
Brown and blue Civil War
I call this one "Sue's Scrap Basket Surprise!"
Jewelish tone batiks
2010 MN Shop Hop black and whites
Scrappy 30's prints
Darkish jewel tone batiks (and extension cords!)
This is mine, jewel tone Civil War with batik background.
Aren't they purdy?!


Pineapple Nine Patch Class: Part 1

I'm so excited, I remembered my camera on Saturday when I went to the Cathy Wierzbicki class!
Here are some random shots of the action!

As you can see, we had a good time with lots of:
*gasps* Ripping
and Smiling :)
It was a good time!
Pop back tomorrow to see some finished blocks!
I love all the different color combos everyone came up with-
personalities really shine through fabric!



Cure for Spring Fever: Idea #4

Treat your sewing machine to something springish...here are some ideas-

NEW Bright, fun flannels

Fun, fresh kit....the picture isn't that great, but the fabrics are
modernish florals...very cute :)

I also would recommend watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers while sewing up something springish for your home..pay special attention to the "Spring, Spring, Spring" song.

Springish thread...can you go wrong?
I love the quilted skirts...However, I'm not sure just how practical the white skirts are when tromping around a spring barnyard! I tend to choose old jeans, rubber muck boots and a zip up sweatshirt when I play outside in the sping!
PS: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers just may be my favorite musical....that's saying a lot because you all know just how much I love the Sound of Music!

Happy Spring Sewing!


Cure for Spring Fever: Idea #3

Get away for a long weekend and relax :)

May I suggest a quilting retreat?
There is one coming up April 8-10
Click here and scroll down a ways for all the details.
It will be a whole lot of fun.

To register or ask questions,
call the shop: 507-377-1163

Hope to see you there!


Don't Miss Out!

Hey....you....over there....
Did you remember that today is FAT FRIDAY!!!
You know what that means?
ALL rolled FAT quarters in the shop are
ONLY $1.25

Can't beat that!

Come on over, we're open till 9 tonight!


Are you ready for Cathy Wierzbicki??

We're getting pretty excited for Saturday when Cathy Wierzbicki joins us at the Calico Hutch to teach her
Pineapple Nine Patch and show us some of her stuff!

Last nigh when I couldn't use my sewing machine due to the lightning,
I got all of my fabrics picked out.
I've loved the look of Edyta Sitar's quilts for a long time
so I thought I would go for something like that.
She blends batiks and cival war type prints together and the outcome is stunning!
Click here to see the google image search of some of her stuff....stunning

Here are my fabric selections....batik and Civil War
Background will be consistant batik "butterscotch" colored piece.
and I even got it all starched and cut out too!
Can't wait till Saturday!
Do you have your pre-class cutting done yet?


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The SPRING Calico Hutch Quilt Shop newsletter is out!
Click Here to be directed to it!

There are some exciting things:
NEW Wool Block of the Month
Bus Trips
Block Party
Darlene Zimmerman
Shop Hops
Applique classes of all types!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

That's me in the window on the postcard wishing you a fabulous
St. Patrick's day....even if you're not an Irishman!

Erin Go Bragh! (roughly translated "Irish forever!")


Cure for Spring Fever: Idea #2

See a favorite local florist and take home a beautiful blooming plant for your home.
This one actually is my mom's....wish it were mine though! It's stunning.

Also, the tractor under the rocking chair has already been "in the field" so it must be spring!

Hang in there...only a few days till it's technically spring!



I noticed there are some kits with 30% off tags hanging on them!
Something you may wish to scope out-

Tues 3/15 - Block of the Month - 4:30-6:00 pm
Tues 3/15 - St. Patrick's Day - All Day!
Thurs 3/17 - Piecemakers - 6:00 pm
Fri 3/18 - Piecemakers - 10:00 am
Sat. 3/19 - Block of the Month - 8:30-9:00 am
Sat 3/19 - Speedy Needles Embroidery Club - 10:00-Noon
Sun 3/20 - SPRING!!! - All Day!


B & B Night

The other night was B & B night at my place...
Backs and Bindings.

When I can't get motivated to work on any particular project, B & B night happens. This occurance comes to be every other month or so. Here's what happens on B & B night... I piece and starch backs and get bindings all ready to sew on for all of my pending projects....any top finished, nearly finished, or on the pile to get cut and made up in the near future. I didn't get as many completed the other night as I usually do, but I have to leave some for my next B & B night :)

Now I'm all "backed up" for a while
and in such a bind too!


Wild Goose Chase Shop Hop

Get your friends together and the cars gassed up because it's shop hop time!!
Wild Goose Chase Shop Hop
April 1-9

Get your passports stamped at all 11 shops and you'll receive
6 yards (12 half yard cuts) of:
click here and scroll down a ways for all the details and a list of all the shops.

Happy Hoppin!


Cure for Spring Fever: Ideas # 1

I know Spring is coming because:
1) There were birds singing Saturday morning.
2) I have the urge to make things grow.

Saturday afternoon I ran out to the store and came back with this stuff to make kitchen gardens.
Here's what you'll need:
(seed starter trays, starting soil, seeds, markers, toothpicks, water)
I use this soil:

Fill your trays and dig a little hole (only 1/4"ish deep) and add your seeds being sure to keep track of what you put where!!!

I colored to top of toothpicks and assigned one color to each variety of seed:

Then cover up your seeds with more soil...not too much!

(note: there is a HUGE difference between dirt and soil. My mom taught me this at a very young age. Dirt is what you get in your dust pan, soil is what you plant things in!)

Now that we've got the whole dirt/soil thing squared away, water your seeds.

 The instructions on the back of the soil bag said to "cover with plastic or a sheet of paper. Here's the thing...plastic wrap (what was used by the genius who wrote the instructions) won't stick to paper and can enough little rays of sunshine really get through the paper??

How is photosynthesis supposed to happen???
How will my seeds grow????

That's when I got smart...I put each little tray in a zippy lock bag! The bag holds the moisture in, holds the heat in  little and lets all those wonderful rays of sunshine in to my seed so they can sprout....like little greenhouses!

and then I put them in the sunniest window in my home.

I'll keep you posted on their growth!
I think they'll make great Spring gifts!
(It cost around $10 total for all 4 trays complete!)

Happy Growing!


"Everybody know what time it is?"

Bin ford tools is proud to present:

OK, maybe not tool time...but rather show and tell time!

When I hear the words "show and tell", I go back to elementary school. I shared some pretty awesome things. I think of birds nests, vacation pictures, one time I took my puppy and I think a chicken even made an appearance once. In the quilting world, show and tell means anything you've worked on that you want to share with others.

This lead me to this idea:
blog show and tell.

You see all of my projects and what I'm working on, but I never get to see what you all stitch up!

We all love seeing what others are working on and often get great projects from other peoples accomplishments. It's also fun to show off what you're proud of :)

Send me pictures of ANY projects you've worked on in February...not just Schnibbles. These can include anything creative, sewn, or stitched. Quilts, bags, runners, pillows, curtains, clothes, candle mats, etc..ANYTHING. You never know what is going to inspire who!

Think of all the potential shared inspiration :)

Send them to: calicohutch@gmail.com by March 15th.
Please also include the name of the pattern.

Extra cool points to those who can tell me in a comment to this post
what 90's sitcom I've quoted!
(please read the small print below)

Can't wait to see and share!

(Cool points are non-redeemable and are not used in any sort of record keeping or ranking of coolness...they aren't even tallied or kept track of. Cool points are just that...cool points and were designed to make the recipient think they have been awarded something life changing when in all reality, they've been awarded nothing...zero, zip, zilch, nada, yada yada, uff da!)


New Schnibbles Patterns

A new batch of Schnibbles has been released...of course that excites me a whole lot!
Here's a link to Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.'s blog post announcing them to the world of quilters.

I'm especially excited for these two:
Then again, I'm pretty much excited for all of them!

I know I can't wait to add them to my collection :)
I'll have to put a request in to Carolyn to see if we can get them at the shop-

It's like Christmas in March!


I've got the Bug bug!

OK, so I've never been one to make a pattern more than once (besides schnibbles that is). However, I've recently found myself addicted to June Bug....I LOVE making this quilt.

I made this one which hangs in the shop:
Fabric: It's A Hoot

And this one for my friends beautiful baby:
Fabric: Bliss

And I started this one Thursday so I'd have one to demo on when I teach the class:
Fabric: Maison de Garance Jelly Roll
Yep, I'm using a way different fabric genre....I LOVE it!
It's going to look awesome in my home....
or at the Good Earth Village Quilt Auction this fall.
It's going to have a red border, brown binding and the print piece is for the back.
(as shown above)

However, I got to caught up in applique last night 
and made them all leaving nothing to demo.
You know what that mean don't you....
You got it, I get to do it again :)

This time I may just do a few blocks and make a table topper-
There is such thing as too much of a good thing!

PS: I think I should mingle my work life with my personal life and use my securities license to buy stock in the Steam-A-Seam company....between all the wool projects I do and this new obsession with applique, I go through more of that stuff than you could ever imagine!

I'm off let off a "Bug Bomb" in my sewing area!

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