Bus Trip

So, It's been a long time since you've heard from me and you're probably wondering where I've been.Well, you see....NASA was looking for a female to send on a secret mission....Sorry...I better not elaborate on that one, you know how secret missions and NASA are! What I'm supposed to tell people when they ask is that mom and I were bus moms. We were directly responsible for 51 other fellow quilter. We only departed one shop short a passenger...but we caught it before we made it more than 15 feet fortunately. We went to 6 shops in MN and WI in 2 days. It was a fabulous trip.

Here are some shots from our trip:

The shop that hosted us Saturday night served us root beer floats...it was like 23 deg outside and they really hit the spot :)

We also played a dice game for fats...I wasn't a winner :(

And another dice game for random goodies....I wasn't a winner :(
Here's the boobie prize winner....just think, had we really left her at a shop earlier in the day, she wouldn't have won that roll of cheap, scratchy TP.

This was the welcome sign at the hotel...they got us all wrong...I later found out there was a group of rug hookers spending the night too. Oh well, we got lots of laughs in before the hotel management felt the need to set us straight.

And here's a lovely picture of all us girls on the bus...sorry to those of you in the front seat, you missed out on the picture.
It was a good time with lots of laughs and tons of wonderful fabric!

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