Just got back from church and I thought I would fill you in on what's goin on in my portion of the planet Earth.

I was quite productive yesterday.
I went to Moda You at the shop which was fun as always.
Then I can home and worked on Confetti Cake some more.

The quilting portion of my day went like this.

1) Sew strips together, then cut them apart.
2) sew them back together again...note the use of fork pins :)
3) Trimming...I truly love the cutting/trimming part of the process
4) Made more block segments to fork pin and stitch back together again.
5) When I went to bed, I had a pile of finished blocks
This is what my cat (her name is "Miss Kitty", you know...like the one on Gunsmoke...people think I lack pet naming originality) did yesterday. She napped, gave herself her Sat. evening bath, laid, sometimes sat up, and gave me that "and just what do you think you're doing" look all....day....long. I kid you not.

Well, 4 more blocks are waiting to be made and Miss Kitty's waiting to give me "the look"!
Keep in mind Sunday is the day to rest....sewing is rest! I hope you all are able to take some time to put in a few stitches :)

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