Color Lesson No. 3: YELLOW

YELLOW.....the third primary color

The color of sunshine and dandelions The color of the common gold finch The color of Tulips and sunflower fields The color of the best M&M :)
My favorite horse coloring...the palomino.It's often referred to as the "YEllOW" horse

Now about YELLOW:

YELLOW is the color of hope and happiness. It's the color of sunshine and is a warm color...who would have guessed :)

For years women wore YELLOW ribbons to signify the hope they had that their special someone would come marching home safely. I guess now our cars wear the YELLOW ribbons...and sometimes out trees :)

Not all YELLOW things are good. If someone is said to be YELLOW, they're thought of as a coward or deceitful. The YELLOW jacket is also a very pesky insect and trust me, if you irritate them they do sting!

Even though YELLOW is a primary color, it works best as a companion to another color. Use it to create excitement when reds and oranges are too dark. YELLOW is considered a perky color. If you use YELLOW with blues and grays, it will perk things right up. Be cautious of mixing YELLOW with other colors who's values are too close as this will cause it to appear washed out.

I would have to say that YELLOW is my favorite color. I also try to put a splash of YELLOW (sometimes gold) in every quilt I make....it just adds a little something.

Here are some that I've used YELLOW in:

How about you? Do you have any quilts with YELLOW?

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