Bobbin Saver Winner and Bliss Update

Do you ever forget to do something that is REALLY important?
You probably don't....but I did!
You know what I'm talking about...
I forgot to draw for the BLUE Bobbin Saver

I wrote down all the names
and cut them apart using the scissors my great grandma (granny) left me.

They don't make scissors like this one any more!

Then I put all the names in a milk bottle

Yes, the chair the milk bottle is sitting on is REALLY old. I bought it at an antique store and absolutely LOVE it...very comfortable! I use it as my computer chair. Must be from the same era as the scissors because they don't make chairs like this anymore either!

And then I shook out a name

The winner is.......

Jessica said:
" What cheers me up when I feel blue? Anything that has to do with my two boys. Their smiles, laughs, hugs, and kisses. The way they say "I love you mommy!". Playing with them, watching them grow, and enjoying their new learning will always make my day! They always put a smile on my face so if I have a bad day, I love to come home to them! :)"

Jessica, your FREE Bobbin Saver will be waiting for you at the front desk at the store. Please stop by and pick it up next time you're in the area! It can't wait to meet it's new home :)

Also, this is how far I got last night on Bliss....

All the blocks are done!
Maybe I'll see some of ya at the shop tonight!

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