How to Talk Minnesotan

This last Saturday I learned how to:
I thought I was going to learn "How to Talk Minnesotan", but it basically just confirmed what I already know....It's confirmed, I talk like a Minnesotan...Ya sure, you betcha.
If you haven't already seen this musical, I would HIGHLY recommend going to see it. It's at the Plymouth Playhouse through Oct. 30.
They demonstrated how to jump start a car, and the three different ways to wave when you pass someone while driving down the road.
They explained the concept of the jell-o ring with marshmallows on a bed of leaf lettuce topped with a good sized dollop of Cool-Whip

They also explained the hot dish and how you can take any combination of meat, vegetables, starchy filler...mix it with a cream soup of your choice. Then bake at 450 till golden brown...and there ya have it...a hot dish.

So...if you say things like "Could be worse", "Ohfor..as in ohfor cute, ohfor fun, ohfor sweet, ohfor funny", "that's different", "Whatever". If you know that when it says "bring a dish to pass" it's really asking for a hot dish. If you know how to wave while leaving both hands on the steering wheel using only your pointer finger...yes, POINTER finger. If you've ever been...or sent your "boys" ice fishing. YOU MIGHT BE MINNESOTAN
Ohfor special

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Farm Quilts said...

Loved your post - now I want to go see the musical! Even tho it's in a "foreign" language - I will understand!!!

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