Sew-a-thon phenomenon

This weekend I retreated in the beautiful bluffs of Lanesboro, Minn. with some sewing buddies. The leaves are turning and the farmers are harvesting....it was absolutely beautiful. Here are some random shots. Note: I had to use the camera on my phone since I left my memory card at home in my computer....forgetful me!

I loved the drive over and back...the trees were beautiful, the fall wild flowers were blooming and the fields were spotted with green equipment...you know...John Deere...well, okay....and some other kinds too. In places cattle peacefully gazed the hillside (or bluffside) and the squirrels scurried around doing the thing they do. We had a good time and I was semi-productive. I took seven projects and worked on / finished only one. However, the one I did finish is REALLY cool. It uses probably close to 250 flying geese and 10 stars. Fabric: dark civil war and goldish/tan backgrounds. It went to Bonnie at the shop to quilt today. Can't wait to show it to you!

My thoughts here are meandering all over the place just like the roads in the hills...on my way over, I stopped and bought one of those sweet, red BERNINA chairs that we've all been drooling over at the shop. I'm finding out that I waited WAY too long to make one mine. It is adjustable tons of ways and I never experienced a back ache the whole weekend. I also like to use the weird, purple Gypsy sit-upon for my posture (I'm a sloucher trying to reform)...they made a great pair!

You have till 11:59 pm Wednesday (tomorrow) to comment on the BLUE giveaway to win the bobbin saver! Tell your friends too!

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