Pealing back the layers....

I really want to show you something.....but it's under here somewhere:
My design board (aka a piece of pink foam insulation which is to be covered with a piece of muslin) has been taken captive in the hostage situation in my sewing zone which has too many projects in action!
So, under here somewhere is something really cool....at least I think so. So in attempt to liberate this fascinating thing that I want to show you, I sewed and sewed and sewed....
This top part is the center section of a baby quilt for my friend...most of the X's are from the Fig Tree fabric line Wimsey we had in the store a couple years ago. The background is from a current baby line in the store that is really cute....I would have used the whole line however, it did't use the colors I wanted. The pattern is from Miss Rosie's Schibbles Times Two book, pattern "X Rated". I plan to add a wide outer border
Here are my bordering options....I think I like the one with the inner border....it adds a little pizzazz I think.
And then...I'm going to add a little machine applique owl in the wide border. The owl is from the pattern "Remember Whoooo Loves You" by Acorn Quilt Company.
For some reason, this picture won't upload in the correct direction....
You'll have to use those necks to turn your heads :)
I've now whittled my way down to this:
Remember this guy? I started him in the Spring to use as a teaching aid when I taught the class. There are still a couple of these jelly rolls left I think. Maison DeGrance by French General for Moda. You also can see  toward the bottom a sneak peek of one of the things I'm so excited for you to see :)

I'm still whittling away! Hopefully pealing off another layer soon!
Oh yeah, I now know where all my pins went!


Robert said...

I see some hexagons in the lower left corner also. Robert, in northern IA.

Katie said...

There are hexagons, but that's been a "dead" project since January 2010...I should maybe work on that again one of these times!

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