Minnesota All-Stars

Thank you to all who left a comment attempting to wow me with your pattern naming expertise. After fretting, chewing off all my fingernails, twirling my hair around my finger, staring off into space, and even loosing a little sleep over naming this quilt, I've taken the advice of a very wise reader.

Annette said...
How about Minnesota's All Stars?
I'm a baseball fan, too, can you tell?

I say, Annette, that's a wonderful name...I'm a baseball fan too! Go Twins!
So, Heerrrrrreeeeee's.......

Minnesota All-Stars!

Patterns are available at the shop now and Annette, I will deliver your bundle 5 fats to the store today for you to pick up. They will be at the check out station in the "rain-check" drawer. Please pick them up before September 1st. Oh yeah, Annette, who knows....I may even stick a pattern in there too...wink, wink.

Well, I'll be back later with more pictures of our great Minnesota projects.

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badlandsquilts said...

Great name & great quilt!

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