Have you Schnibbled lately?

This past weekend-before the kitchen injury-I got a lot of sewing done! Earlier in the year, I got a Schnibble all cut out and ready to sew and then found out that all the charms at the shop that were to be used in kits, were already sold. So, the pieces all got bagged up and stashed away.

Fast forward a little while and you land on last Friday when I was thinking about my sister's birthday coming up. Note: I don't have a sister and she's actually my sister-in-law but I like her a lot so I call her my sister because is just sounds so much better. She and my brother are in the process of moving to a new home closer to the rest of our family and she's really excited about her new kitchen. She's painting the cabinets and tweaking a little bit to have a more "retro" kitchen. For those of you who know her, this is right up her alley. She's also collected some depression glass plates which I think she also plans to hang on the wall.

Wouldn't ya know, this schnibble is a perfect match for her. So I dug it out, got all my ducks in a row, put my favorite color Aurifil thread in the machine and I was off to the races and before I knew it, I had this little cutie:
(Looking back, I probably shouldn't have taken the "folded" pics before this one!..Ahhh..wrinkles!!!)
~I think she's gonna love it!~

Pattern: Schnibble "Joy Luck" by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Fabrics: Dream On by Urban Chic for MODA

So, have you schnibbled as of late? If not, there are a ton of the patterns and charms at the store, you may need to take on a little project :) Just think how nice your table would look with one of the darlings adorning it!

Now all that's left is the quilting and binding!

Note: I am not compensated or rewarded in any way shape or form for mentioning certain products in this post.


Elizabeth Harty said...

Love the colors in that quilt. I need to make more Schnibbles - just for that sense of accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Love your new schnib...now how are you going to quilt it!!!?M

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