Autumn is just around the corner!

This morning I woke up to these words coming out of the radio:
"currently in Albert Lea, it is 48 degrees." However, it is now 71 so I'm not totally sure I heard that correctly.

So, if it really were only 48 degrees out this morning, that would cause me to believe that autumn is just around the corner and I really should get my rear in gear and finish my Autumn Glory table mat I started last year. Note: because this has been so popular in the shop, kits have continued to be cut and are available.
And I also have this little guy to work up too because I think he looks like he pairs up will with the above mentioned table mat:
The pumpkin mat has also been wildly popular and is still being kitted up too. Also, for those of you on a budget, this little guy is VERY affordable!

But then there is reality....I won't be doing much of anything creative in the near future and it really makes me sad. You see, yesterday afternoon I was using my kitchen slicer/mandolin and may or may not have sliced off a portion of my thumb....my RIGHT thumb...and I'm right handed. So, until this self inflicted wound heals, I'm sorta, kinda out of commission. As my friend Michelle from the 90's TV show Full House once said, "Bummer Dude".

Have a wonderful day and remember,
Autumn is coming soon!

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Farm Quilts said...

Self inflicted rotary cutter wounds are the worst! It must HURT!!! Hope it heals quickly and you find a way to work around it!

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