Civil War Tribute: Month 4

So, I do have something exciting to show you, I just have to figure out how to take a good picture! Instead of something really fascinating, I will show just a little of what goes in to making one months Tribute blocks.

Pin triangle paper to fabrics sandwiched right sides together.
Triangle paper is WONDERFUL and is also my new best friend. Talk about slick!
 Then sew on the sew lines....
...and cut on the cut lines.
Would ya look at that, a stack of 98 perfect half square triangles.
Then cut all the little corners on the cut lines and peel all the paper off. I've always shortened my stitch to make this easier, but this time I REALLY shortened my stitch as you can kind of see....wow...it made a HUGE difference! REALLY short stitches allowed the papers to peal off REALLY easily and cleanly.
Now that all the corners are snipped square and the papers are all removed, all that's left is the pressing.
I'll have to share with you my trick for perfect pressing sometime...
your life will never be the same, or maybe it will
And presto, just like that....98 PERFECT HST in under 2 hours.

It officially took me longer to pick my fabrics than stitch these cute little puppies!

Now on to the rest of the block tonight!

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