Under layer 2

I've been working hard and have manged to peel off another layer of my design wall.
Last time you saw it my wall looked like this:
I spent about an hour searching for the missing bottom row blocks only to discover that they never existed because when I sewed the one row together so I could demonstrated positioning the applique blocks on the border when i taught the class I sewed too many blocks together making a row of 8 which should have been 7 and I had the 1 extra block because I always make an extra just in case something were to happen and I needed a spare and sometimes I even stitch this extra block into the back and use it as the label using a pigma / fabric pen to write all the important stuff on it so the new owner of the quilt knows all about it...wow...that was probably one of my all time best run on sentances.
Here are all the blocks sewn together and the one border appliqued.
...and I got a lot of pins back. all of these guys were holding the pieces up on the wall.
But, with a little help from their mama, they made it safely back home.

And after I peeled off that beautiful layer of pieced and appliqued goodness, I was left with this work of art: The first three months of my Civil War Tribute quilt pieced together. I even scooted around the edge with my walking foot (using a 1/8" seam) to hold all those little seams together.

As you can see, I'm one step closer to what I was  really excited to show you!
Hopefully I'll get things finished this weekend so I can make the big reveal on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend....I'll be at the fair doing horsey things :)

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Carolyn said...

Are your appliqué edges turned under and glued down or just the cut edge? Also, what is your sewing machine brand and the name and or number of the stitch or cam you use to do your «point de Paris» stitch? Love the French General fabrics in this quilt!

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