I'm a 2800 kind of girl...you?

It's no secret, I love thread! You may even call me a "thread head". My personal favorite is Aurifil and I think all the employees at the shop feel the same about it. Simply put, it's good stuff. It runs through the machine nicely and doesn't tend to lint up. Here's my personal collection:
After much contemplation, I've some how managed to narrow it down to my top 4 used. I tried for top 3, but that didn't work to well. Here they are:
here they are again:
Out of those 4 pretty little ladies, this girl here is my all time #1 used thread.I go through spools and spools of this goodness...brace yourself, you may be shocked by what you're about to see!

It's a light tealish, greenish, bluish. Works wonderfully with 30's reproduction fabrics, pastelish things and of course my all time #1- Fig Tree fabrics. My basement lacks the goodness of natural sunlight so the picture doesn't do justice to it's stunning beauty. However, it's true color is a little more evident in the first picture.

Oh yeah, hey there little guy, I use you a lot too. Okay, I'll add and a fifth favorite just for you little "beaver" colored guy. Leave it to beaver!

So, if you haven't tried this good stuff yet, tread yourself to a spool next time you're in the store. If you're already an addict, pick up a couple new spools....maybe give 2800 a try. Careful though, 2800 tends to wiggle its way into your world and trust me, you just won't be able to let her go!!

So, what's your thread color of choice?
PS: Stop back tomorrow to see what was under the second layer of my design wall.

I have recieved no benefit, pay or compensation from Aurifil thread for promoting their product. Ijust like their stuff :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the antique looking goldy green, forgot the number and creamy white, and a nice tan. although I probably have about 30 spools right now in all kinds of colors. I love using them as bobbin thread for machine embroidery and especially machine quilting with my Bernina. Wonderful, wonderful. Love that thread! M

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