The Smurf's go Shop Hopping

All I can say is WOWZERS!
Who would have guessed there would be such a HUGE response to the Minnesota shop hop??

Today I worked the checkout counter at the shop from 2-9pm...the doors opened at 9am and OVER 300 hoppers hopped into the Calico Hutch throughout the day to get ther passports stamped!
We even had some special guests in today....you see...

Smurfette loves to sew and is a frequest reader of this blog. The day other after feeding my fish, she read that the fabric was all blue....and a beautiful blue at that...So she decided she needed to get her crafty mits on some. Afterall, what smurf's stash is complete without blue fabric?So, she decided that she must go on this wonderful shop hop and anxiously ran to her stashroom in her mushroom and made a list of all the things she needed so she could make the most of of her big adventure....
While looking through her great stuff, she got "sew" excited that she decided it was going to be too much fun to have by herself and that this kind of fun was made to be shared. Jumping up and down with excitement, she got on her "blue"tooth and called all her friends and invited them to come along.

At dawn the next day the smurfs gathered together...
and headed out on their journey....skipping and dancing all the way
After a long day on the road and making it to all 12 shops, the headed back to their humble little mushroom shaped homes, free black and white fabric in hand. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by an all smurf oompa band (their version of the Jonas Brothers)
Papa smurf was so exhausted that it was time for him to head to his home sweet mushroom and hit the hay.
While the other smurf's rebelled and partied like it was 1999

Okay, so maye the smurf's didn't stop by, but that would have been AWESOME!!!
Don't worry, you still have 15 days to hop around and see all that is to be seen....and don't lay awake at night fretting there won't be enough free black and white bundles to go around...we have not limited the amount incentives that will be given away. EVERYONE who finishes our section (12 shops) will recieve the fabulous bonus gift.
Tomorrow I work too...I'll try to remember my camera so I can hopefully get some shots of the shop hop action!

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