Drum roll please......There's a celebrity in our midst!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I have something really exciting to share with you tonight! No, I'm not caught up on laundry, I didn't win a new car on the Price is right...for that matter, I never was on the Price is Right. I didn't get a puppy and my cat didn't learn to clean up her own hair...which I obsess about daily. I still haven't gotten a new camera and my car still needs to be washed and gassed up. One of the lights in my laundry room is still burnt out and my double wedding ring is still only 2/3 done. So, what's the big news? The big news is....drum roll please.....
(insert drum roll sound here)

I'm unveiling our super cute Quilt Minnesota projects!
They've been completed for over a month and we've had them safely stored
in the vault till now...

Here's an overview of the projects in all their shivering, icy, blue glory
Now, I'll take you on a more up close and personal tour of some of the projects....better get your cameras ready, you never know when there's going to be a celebrity sighting on this super top notch, prestigious, guided tour! You think I'm kidding don't you...you'll be sorry! It would be a tragedy if Elvis walked by and your camera wasn't ready to go...
but, if you're willing to take that risk, okay.

This one was designed by our very own Bonnie. Bonnie works at the shop as the Bernina tech and the runner of the the computerised, long arm quilting machine...and I might add that she does a great job too! Her quilt uses the panel pieces as the centers for all the blocks. I also like that she fussy cut the "coin" fabric and used it as her narrow inner border....you can't see it very well on this picture, but be sure to check it out when you're in store next.

Here you will see an apron (pattern by Indygo Junction) and on the lower left you will see a super inventive pot holder/towel combo created in store. The picture does not do it justice!And now, moving on, you'll see three of the projects I created/worked on. The upper left is "Snowball Fight" which uses the charms and panel panes. The upper right is "Icicles" which is created using a jelly roll (2 1/2" strips) and a background fabric. Both these quilts were created by me. The little cutie on the bottom is "Storyteller". I can't take credit for this adorable work as It's a Schnibble by Miss Rosie. Did you know that if I could have dinner with anybody in the whole world, I'd pick Miss Rosie (AKA Carrie Nelson)? She's incredibly creative and just an all around sweet person...and a CELEBRITY in my world!
Look quick, it's a celebrity! No, I'm not talking about the person on the right, I'm talking about the person on the left...the one with her had on my shoulder....that's the one and only Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.(Miss Rosie is her golder retriever). If you don't believe me, zoom in on her name tag....it says "Carrie Nelson". I got to see her and talk to her at market in May....she even giggled with me! This is probably the coolest person I've ever had my picture taken with...that means she's cooler than Burt Blyleven! OK, back to the MN stuff....

Below you will see a great wall hanging that Bonnie put together. This sassy, classy little number features wool applique and is very beautiful, bold and robust. If you go back now and look closely at the very first picture, you will also see pot holders, a table runner, little zipper bags, snow shoes and my ice skates as well as a bag also made from this chillingly crisp fabric.
Now, we are coming to the end of our tour. The tram is still I motion so I ask that you please keep your hands inside. Also, be sure to watch your step when exiting and as always, mind that gap (for those of you who've traveled the underground in London) and take small children by the hand. Thanks for joining us this evening and it is my hope that the rest of your stay is.....wait....wrong schpeel....I hope you've enjoyed that tour and be sure to stop in and see the girls at the store to see and touch these great projects.

So, are you excited and inspired now?

(from Friday night)

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