What? 10 yds....FREE? for ME?

I ran out to the store quick on my lunch break today and this is what I found: Jill cutting up bolts and bolts and bolts and bolts of black and white fabric into half yard cuts.

Then I went into the back room and found Linda folding stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of these fabrics and then putting them in cute little bags.
If you haven't heard already, one of these stacks is our gift to you for FREE if you go to all the shops in the SE section of the MN shop hop...no purchases necessary at ANY shop...just simply go and get your passport stamped!

That's 10 whopping yards of fabric...all from the same manufacturer...for FREE...because we like y'all...and trust me, they feel REALLY nice :)

So....call your friends together, plan a road trip and hit all of the shops. How can you go wrong with 20-1/2 yard cuts of black and white fabric?

Check out the official website( http://www.quiltminnesota.com/ ) for all the details.

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow of what I plan to do with my FREE fabric!

Enjoy life and don't forget to make someone smile!

Katie ~ (from Friday night)

1 comment:

Janet said...

I have never met a fabric genre I didn't like except ugly fabric- which fortunately does not exist where I shop- which is of course CALICO HUTCH!!!

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