Keeping my promise-

DISCLAIMER: Please excuse all punctuation and grammar...It's getting late here and there is a mosquito buzzing incessantly right by my ear...now the other ear...now back to the first ear...you get the scenario :)

This has been one crazy weekend for me. Filled with mowing, laundry, cleaning, watering, writing the patterns for the two quilts I designed for the MN shop hop fabric and spending 23 minutes in the DQ drive up lane (one car ahead of me) waiting for my small sundae with butterscotch dip...no wonder it flew by so fast. I also may have -possibly- spent a chunk of time procrastinating and working on the double wedding ring quilt I started last year...but I also may not have, I'll let you figure that one out :)

As promised, I'll show you what I plan to do with the free black and whites I get from the MN shop hop....OK, so when I went to take the picture (singular), I found TONS (plural) of other things that would be fun too. Don't worry, I'll share all the great ideas.

Here it goes...are you sitting down?

"Toe the Lime" by Blue Underground - This is what I plan to make by adding batiks from my stash...or I may go to the store for that :) I've been in love with this quilt since we found the pattern at market in May. I plan to make two and donate one to Good Earth Village for their annual quilt action.

You could make a "Bento Box" (Did you know bento box means lunch box?)

"Square Dancing" Once again, all you need is a little extra batik

You could make your 20 - half yard pieces into fat quarters and put the extra set in one of these great bags (I'd pick the black and white one) and give it to a quilty friend!

I bet you could make at least a bazillion (maybe 2) of these cute little "Cash & Carry" things by Terry Atkinson. Perfect size for change, credit cards, gift cards, Polly pockets, the feet for your sewing machine, reeds for your clarinet, coupons, the little rubber things you put on the end of your knitting needles....the possibilities are truly endless!

"Twist and Turn" by D. Hall is always a cool option for black and whites

You could make this huge-honkin bag by Indygo Junction and use it when you go to farmers market. Or, I would use it as my "purse" when I go to the cinema so I can sneak in enough snacks for the WHOLE movie, not just the previews! Then, later when I get a belly ache, my friends can use it to carry me out to the car where I later enter into a sugar induced coma and become non-responsive for days -
And last but not least, Big squares are always a fun option...especially with minkee backs!

Truly, the possibilities are endless. I encourage you to take out that box of patterns and sit and thumb through them as you sip iced tea (with the lemon on the rim, of course!), while rocking in your big ol' rocker on the front porch, as you are serenaded by crickets chirping and the neighbors dogs yapping in the background to the tune of "Come Fly with Me" by Frank Sinatra...I think I just described the American dream!

What do you plan to make with yours?

Don't forget to comment on my last post...I don't want ya to miss out on a free charm pack!

~Katie (from Friday night)

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Sandi said...

LOL! Sneakin' snacks into the theatre! Too funny. I always seem to carry the smallest purse or bag just when my husband wants to stick a large bottle of water and candy bars in my bag. Yes, we buy the popcorn at the theatre but not usually the candy or the sodas. I won't be able to make it to the shops for that black and white stack but I've been collecting my own for a couple of years now for a crazy quilting for my son. It has a musical theme and black and white seemed just right. :-)

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