I love cherry pies from McDonald's

Wow....it's been one of those weeks...you know, the ones where you are incredibly busy doing things (all of which need to be done) yet none of those things that you did were on your list of things that needed to be done. As a compulsive list maker, this makes life difficult for me...you see, I am one of "those people" who get gratification from putting that little, single, straight line through the something on my list that I just finished. Of course, like this week, there are times when I finish things that aren't on my list. Don't worry, when this happens I promptly head to my list and add it to the bottom. Then, the very next thing I do is cross it off. Thus, the list gets longer and longer and I feel like I'm getting absolutely nowhere in life because the very first things on my list remain to be done!

On that note, to kick of the weekend, I had the privilege to work tonight (Friday night) at the shop just like every other Friday night. The first thing I do when I walk through door is look around and take note of what is new. Don't worry, I'll share the fun stuff with you :)

New line from Heather Mulder Peterson (Anka's Treasures)

New pastel line from Free Spirit
Cute little bundles of 5 fats....how can you resist?
Tons of fun new jelly rolls and layer cakes and charms....oh, my~
From one friend to another, there's some REALLY good stuff on the 50% off shelf at the shop....Hello Betty, Snippets, Hushabye, some nice civil war, couple bolts of pirate stuff, some 30's...I know I left with a "few" yards!

Just so you know, I never make a list of sewing things that need to be done...too many projects, too little time! Need more hours in the day, preferably between 5 pm and 11pm. If it's not too much to ask, I could also go for 8 days in the week so every weekend can be a long weekend...6th day for the garden, laundry, cleaning toilets and buying groceries,7th day to rest, and the 8th to sew :)

May you be as inspired to sew as I am right now.

What are you working on?

Oh yeah, I like cherry pies from McDonald's...don't know why...must be the trans fat that makes them all so good!


(from Friday night)

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Sandi said...

Maybe if I had a cherry pie from McDonald's it would be easier for my brain to work out the instructions for my project made with Quilt Minnesota fabrics. I designed some fun projects for Janice's shop, Firefly, which is one of the shops in your section. Writing directions is always the hardest part of quilting for me. The black and white fabrics you are all offering are gorgeous!

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