Welcome! It's me, Katie, from Friday nights at the Calico Hutch and I have been granted the extreme honor of being the official "blogger" for the shop. Be sure to check back often to:

*Learn a fun new technique

*Find a new recipe (of course it will ALWAYS be healthy)

*Register for a give away (FREE stuff baby!!!)

*Learn about some pretty super, duper deals!

*Join in on some mystery quilt fun

*Get a glimpse into daily life at the Calico Hutch....

*Find something quilty/sewy to do.......and.....

*See just what it is that Katie from Friday nights does the rest of her time :)

As you can see I hope to keep you "in the loop" (as well as I can) on everything you don't want to miss out on in a million-trillion years at the CH.


(from Friday night)


Sandi said...

Hi Katie,
Congrats on the blog and becoming the official blog poster. :-) I visited Calico Hutch for the first time last October. Love it. I had not met Carol in person until that time although she had ordered a number of my sunflower pincushions for classes offered at the shop. I was hoping to make a stop at the shop this past week but did not have time as I returned from Iowa. Will be making another trip in the fall and will be sure to stop in then. Love all the wool you carry!

Sandi said...

Oops! While I was cooking supper, I remembered that it was Carolyn, not Carol. :-)

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