Workin' Outside

So, Saturday I fully intended to get some serious sewing done,
but.....the weather was PERFECT for being outside!!

So, Friday night, with a little help, the shrubbery forest known as landscaping,
finally (after 5+ years!!!) got yanked out!

I forgot to take a "before" picture as I usually forget to do, but just picture bushes that typically aren't used in landscaping but rather hedges hiding just about all the window and half the door...I know...it wasn't good!! I had a landscaping forest on my hands.

Whoever planted the buggers before I moved in didn't read the tags well AT ALL...and no matter how much pruning and love I gave them, they just weren't right.

So, as shown here, they're all goners!! Yup!!
 Now I have one smoke bush (which potentially could get out of hand) and four hydrangeas.

Next Spring -hopefully- there will be a nice porch added to the front of my house and at that time I'll deal with the whole hosta abundance situation...for now, they're green filler!

Nest step, 1,000 more bags of mulch...well, maybe 20 :)

This is taken from the other side...since I already had to go to the landfill to rid myself of a forest, I pruned my 3 remaining shrubs...and maybe a little of my thumb...

Like I said....my hostas are forming a take over!!!!

Now I', just waiting for yesterdays nourishing rain to turn my lawn green again....
that would be an AWESOME added little bonus :)

Now, I can sew ;)

1 comment:

Doreen said...

Very nice! Good luck on any future greenery 'take-over'!!!

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