Farmers wife

There's been some sort of grand plot against my sewing lately....i'm currently (hopefully temporarily) in search of my Farmer's Wife book as well as the book for another little project i'm working on!!
I've dug and dug and searched and cannot seam to find them!!

As you can see, nothing good comes from cleaning ;)

So...my appologies for the unlabeled blocks for this months Farmer's Wife club!

I'll update as soon as the lost is found!!!


Johanna said...

Hope you find it soon! I hate it when I can't find something. As my Grandmother always said, it will be in the last place you look! I was always amazed when I was little that she knew that! I couldn't figure out then that I wasn't going to keep looking after I found it so of course it would be in the last place I looked!

Doreen said...

So many have done that pattern/those blocks and I never tire of seeing the beautiful results of all the hard work! I hope that book turns up for you, I know how frustrated I get when I have "cleaned" and keep going back to that last place I saw the item!! Ugh!

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