A note of thanks...and a little extra

Thank you for all the kind comments that you all left about my very first
Moda Bake Shop project! I never dreamed I would have
such positive responses from such kind and thoughtful quilters!!!
Your excitement has been VERY encouraging :)


Second, last night I got all 9 September blocks for the Farmer's Wife club I lead cut out!
Now when I get home from riding horse tonight....and shower....I'll be all ready to get these puppies stitched up for club tomorrow night!

For those of you newer to reading my blog, you should know that I'm a firm believer in last minute work! I love the feeling of getting big projects done WAY ahead of time, but lately life has been busy and I have a hard time living up to that reality!

So, for now...there's no minute like the last minute!

As you can see, all the little pieces are laying in the page their pattern is on!
This system works really well for me UNTIL I drop the book and pieces fly everywhere!!

Each month there is a bundle of 12 fat eighths available at the shop to make the 9 monthly blocks from. As you can see, there is PLENTY left over...enough almost to make another 9 blocks!!

Well, I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully!!!) with finished blocks (hopefully!!)!

Enjoy the day!

1 comment:

Doreen said...

The philosophy of "working best under pressure" got me through college pretty well but my preference now is to have a little 'breathing room' for those unexpected interruptions!!!! Can't wait to see your progress!!

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