Groovy Girls Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!
From the Groovy Girls Club!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Christmas...yup...you heard that right :)
I made up some cute Terry Atkinson stuff for Christmas...you know, to give y'all a jump start on some of that Christmas sewing!!

Here's a picture of my display...you'll have to go to the shop to see things up close...i forgot to take individual project pictures...oops!

I made the Baguette Pattern (seen toward the front to the left of the doilie)

I also put together some popovers from her Popovers pattern...these are AWESOME!! Especially for little gifties and gift cards. They also go together pretty simply and quickly. All 3 sizes are useful. They are toward the back of the table on the left.

Lastly, the Christmas quilt. Made using Terry's Fire Escape pattern and fabric by Kate Spain for MODA called JOY! I'm super satisfied with how this turned out and it's a must see...and feel as I put red minkee on the back :) it's sooooo soft and cuddly!!!! Yup...it's at the shop as of this evening...it's currently back in my possession for binding.

I love how the little white squares look like falling snow :)

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Elizabeth Harty said...

K -
Fire Escape has been one of my favorite Terry Atkinson patterns and it is such a fast project. Never thought about using Christmas fabric with it and you're right, the white does look like snow.

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