Farmer's Wife Month 9

Here they are in all of their glory!!
Your September block assignment - blocks 65-73!

I'm so proud of myself....after doing this for 8 months
I finally figured out an easy way to label them for ya!
...and some even have page numbers!!!

Note: as I was cutting my blocks out this month, as I went I trimmed all my scraps down to 1 1/2" squares and used them as my little Postage Stamps!

I think this one is going to looks STUNNING on point in the quilt!

There they are! Done in plenty of time ;)
Now I might even have time put the binding on a quilt between work and club tonight! Wouldn't that be just a nice added bonus....the hand stitching will have to wait till later though because I'm not that good!!

Enjoy your day!


Robert said...

Is your Prairie Queen correct? May need to flip a 4 patch? Sorry.

Katie said...

Good eye!! I would have never caught that...I'll fix it right away!

Johanna said...

Love the blocks, I really need to start these, I was just dreaming in the book the other day! I think that I am afraid I'll become addicted :)

Katie said...

Johanna...they are quite addicting! Some more challenging than others, but so worth it in the end! I have over half the quilt top sewn together and it's stunning (at least i think)!! Maybe I'll have to share a picture of it half done to motivate people.

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