Tulip Time!

For a while there I was worried.....last fall I planted a ton of tulip bulbs. As Spring progressed, the tulips all over my neighborhood started popping up and there was no sign of mine. Then, about a month ago, they started to peek through the mulch. Finally, this past weekend they looked like this:

I really wanted to pick them all and fill a vase for my desk at work, but managed to keep my hands off! You see, supposedly tulips are kind of like asparagus....you leave them alone the first few years to reproduce and grow. The flower and leaves feed the bulb to strengthen it and make more bulbs....at least that's what I've been told. Once they're all done blooming, then you can deadhead them. However, leave the leaves to die (yellow) on their own before removing them. Once again, I have nothing but the wisdom of a sweet neighbor to back any of this up.

PS: I sprayed that dandelion last night and am happy to say that it's looking pretty wilted this morning!

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