Bus Trip Recap

Mom and I had the extreme honor to serve as stewardesses / hostesses / bus moms this past weekend for a wonderful bus trip that headed out from the Calico Hutch. We both had a blast! A special thank you to those who were along for the ride...It was a pleasure serving all of you :)

Here's the whole gang at one of the shops....I'd just like to point out all of the smiles and cheerfull expressions. I believe everyone was having a GREAT time and came back inspired, motivated, and ready to work on many, many, many new projects.
I know this pic sticks out into the right column....but if it were any smaller, it  would just look like a pic
from a science book of an atom before it split....proton, neutrons and electrons oh my!
We had all positive protons on the trip :)
Now it's back to the sewing room for me. I have a quilt and a couple Schnibbles that need to get finished! More on those soon.

Thanks for the great weekend fellow bus people!

Oh yeah, I went to the greenhouse last night for the first time (of many) this season and came home with this:

Pansies and a little Chinese cabbage for my window boxes and a cherry tomato plant for my grandma for mothers day. I'm hoping the Chinese cabbage will add a little texture and uniqueness. I'm in the mood to garden now....if it would only warm up a little!!!! Oh well, before long we Minnesotans will be complaining because it's 95 deg and humid!

Enjoy the day!


Robert said...

Thanks for having us on the bus trip - enjoyed it very much. All shops were great. Flowers are pretty also. Robert and Jean.

Barb Bitterman said...

We have been on several bus trips and this one was by far the most fun. The bus moms were the best we have ever had. They were very creative and made it interesting and very entertaining. The shops were great and the food was fabulous. Thank you for all the great memories and the opportunity to make new friends and purchase new and exciting projects.
Barb Bitterman and Mary Gifford

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