Civil War Tribute 2011: Month 1

So far, so good! I'm right on track for finishing this puppy on time!  :)
Here's my work so far:
Don't get freaked out if mine doesn't look like yours....
remember I'm using 30's prints in lieu of Civil War prints :)

I did however notice that there is only 1 - 16" block the first month and then the remaining months are pretty intense....like multiple blocks with tons of teeny-tiny half square triangles. For now though, don't burst my bubble...just let me think I'm doin great and this whole thing is gonna be a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon :)

A special kudos from me to the pattern writer. Everything pieced together BEAUTIFULLY allowing all my points to be perfect and no "easing" was needed! BRAVO pattern people, BRAVO! Keep up the good work!

I'm doin good!


Robert said...

The title for this entry says -Civil War 2001: Month 1. -- Is that right or should it be 2011? Like the colors.
Robert, from Algona.

Katie said...

Thanks for catching that....I guess that's what happens when I write this stuff after midnight!! I can't wait to see how this quilt looks after I have a few more months in and can really start seeing some results!

Enjoy the day!

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