garden anyone?

Last night I had plans....plans to clean out my vegetable garden and get it ready to plant. But, when I went out to do that, the sky got dark and the lightning started, so I went to a movie with a friend instead.

I was bummed...really bummed. You see, this summer I have big plans for my garden. Every year, just about the time all my veggies are up and looking good, a whole rookery of crows descend upon my sweet little plants and dine, and dine, and dine till everything is destroyed or gone. Even though this happens, every year I plant. This year is different...I've out smarted those stinky, mean crows. I'm planting all flowers and one tomato plant. I've always wanted a cutting garden so this year I'm going to have one.

I went out and got my bulbs the other night:

Plus I'm going to add:
*snap dragons*
*sweet pea*
and whatever else makes its way into my cart at the garden center.
As for the vegetables, I think I'll hit the farmers market!

Do you have big summer garden plans?

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Anonymous said...

I hope a jealous neighbor-relative doesn't decide to help themselves to your cutting garden! Looks lovely, can't wait.

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